Sidecar Health is a new kind of insurance

Take advantage of discounts doctors often offer when you pay upfront - since they don’t need to chase down insurance reimbursements

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See any doctor you’d like
You can see any licensed health care provider you want. Goodbye, networks!
Use a Sidecar Health payment card
When doctors don't need to chase reimbursements from the insurance company, they often give discounts. Pay them instantly with your Sidecar Health payment card.
Access transparent, fixed benefits
Look up exactly what your plan will pay toward your health service so there are no surprise bills later.
Personalize your coverage
Choose how much coverage you want so you're only paying for the coverage you need.

Reimagine health care by paying your doctor on the spot

Take advantage of discounts doctors often offer when you pay upfront - since they don’t need to chase down insurance reimbursements - and get more affordable health care.

Here's how it works

Ask your doctor for the discounted self-pay price.
Compare prices between doctors to get the best rate.
Pay with your Sidecar Health card when you see your doctor.
Upload a picture of an itemized bill and you’re done!

Pay less for coverage you want

Because the provider is being paid in cash, they often charge less. And because we have streamlined the administrative process, we have lower overhead. This creates considerable monthly cost savings, which are passed along to you.

  • Saves you 40% on average
  • Benefits for over 170,000 services
  • See any doctor
  • Fixed payments
  • No enrollment period
  • No deductible (if selected)

See any doctor you'd like

Sidecar Health has no networks, so you can see any licensed healthcare provider you like. We pay the same amount toward a service regardless of who the doctor is.

We confirm your care with a picture of your itemized bill

When you use your Sidecar Health payment card, an expense will automatically be created for you within your account. Submit a picture of your itemized bill to the Sidecar Health app or website so we can determine eligibility and your actual Benefit Amount. If your Benefit Amount is greater than the Estimated Benefit, we will credit you with the difference. If it is less than the Estimated Benefit, you will be responsible for the difference. In that case, we will let you know exactly what the difference is and how to pay it.

Please note that if an itemized bill is not uploaded within the time period stated in your policy, you will be responsible for the entire amount of your care.

We tell you how much services should cost

Every doctor and/or health care facility sets pricing for their services, and those prices can be whatever the doctor or facility wants them to be. One doctor can charge $85 for a visit, while another doctor on the same street can charge $200 for the same visit.

So how do you know what the fair price is for your visit? We've taken multiple data points to come up with what procedures should cost and based your Benefit Amount on that. You can find your Benefit Amount and what procedures should cost through the Sidecar Health app or on our website.

Compare prices from local doctors using the Sidecar Health app

Wondering where the closest doctor is to where you're located and what they charge? Use the Sidecar Health app to compare local doctors and their rates for the visit you need, added by other members like you to make everyone's lives easier. Help others using the Sidecar Health app by submitting your doctor's rates as well.

All of our plans come with fixed Benefit Amounts for your care

You'll get the same coverage no matter which provider you see. And you can always look up your Benefit Amounts before you get your care. See how these packages could lower your medical costs.

Design your own health insurance

When it comes to health insurance, one size doesn't fit all.

Create a plan around your needs and budget by choosing how much coverage you want.

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