10 Business Bottlenecks That Are So 2015

January 13, 2016

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business bottlenecks

At the start of each year, people of many cultures resolve to change their lives by beginning new habits and abandoning practices that weren’t serving them well. Business culture is no different, and offices are full of pain points.

Now that 2016 is upon us, what are some bottlenecks business leaders are leaving behind? Keep reading to find out.

Business Bottlenecks Leaders Left Behind in 2015

1. ACA Reporting Anxiety

“I was dragging my feet and grimacing at the data gathering from 38 different places I imagined I’d have to do to complete the ACA reporting. Instead, Zenefits had already populated 99% of the required data. My job was like the beginner’s version of a video game in which I completed simple tasks, and, if I remember correctly, received encouraging messages for doing so. I love that. The process was so easy—almost fun. Four stars for Zenefits on this one!”—Katrina Davidson, Office and HR Manager @Merlone Geier Management

2. Tracking PTO Manually

“How it used to work: ask the CFO for time off, put it on the team calendar, send a reminder you’re going on vacation. It was all manual, and employees would accidentally go over their accrued time. Now, employees request time off through Zenefits, managers get an email with at-a-glance approval, teams have a link to a master calendar, and it’s easy to know who’s in and who’s out.”—Dawn Weeman, Studio Manager @Instrument

3. Too Much Paper, Too Many Passwords

“Before Zenefits, we had a cumbersome process which often resulted in missing paperwork and long lag times to retrieve signed documents. Now with just a few clicks, we’re ensured all documentation is presented cleanly, quickly signed, and easily accessible on one interface. On top of a streamlined process which cuts down on time and headaches, it empowers our employees to take full ownership of their benefits management, time-off accrual, and more—all with one password! I couldn’t imagine Redapt using another platform.”—Rachel Peters, Director of Talent Management @Redapt

4. Too Many Systems, Too Many Cards

“We really like the streamlined process and having one central dashboard where an employee can handle everything at once. Employees have had a positive experience, and from my administrative perspective it’s been very easy. I signed up for an FSA, it showed up on our dashboard, and the cards arrived in the mail.”—Nathalie McGrath, Director of People @Coinbase

5. Those Filing Cabinets

“It’s hard to visualize stuff—and impossible to get real-time data—when doing it manually. With Zenefits, I just click on my dashboard, and all the info we need is in one place, online—not papers in folders in filing cabinets.”—Elise Lancendorfer, Business Operations Manager @Cotap

6. Spreadsheets Full of Errors

“When you’re growing a company, you’re concerned about hiring the right person, whether they’re a good engineer, etc., and it’s easy to overlook whether you’ve signed them up for the right stocks or accidentally broken the law with health insurance. You can accumulate a whole spreadsheet of these kinds of issues. Now, at least I know at the baseline, things are done correctly. Zenefits helps us ensure we keep our admin in order.” —Ioannis Verdelis, founder and COO @Fleksy

7. Outdated Onboarding

“It was ludicrous to ask new hires to bring in a voided check and passport. Worse, employees without checkbooks had to make an additional trip to the bank. Here we were, a cloud-only business, asking people for pieces of paper to scan. It almost felt obnoxious to put our employees through such rigmarole. With Zenefits, it’s overwhelmingly positive that employees can finish their onboarding online before they walk in the door.” —Bart Hacking, CFO @BetterCloud

8. Location-based Open Enrollment

“We were doing our benefits the old fashioned way. The broker and I would fly to the locations, and do open enrollment meetings annually. Each open enrollment for each property used to mean a lot of paperwork, and a lot of potential confusion. It’s great being able to go into Zenefits [from anywhere], and monitor when we have a new hire to make sure they do their enrollment paperwork, look at our benefits information at each location, and so forth.”—Pamela Snell, Corporate Director of HR @Urbana Holdings

9. Clunky Time Clocks

“My litmus test for technology is whether it just works, and Time & Attendance does. I set it up, and then I walked away from it. It just works. Zenefits has allowed Rise to effectively stand up the HR piece of our business in a very good, compliant, and simple way.”—Nick Kennedy CEO @Rise

10. Vendor Fees and Overpayments

“We’ve saved 5K a year in what we were paying for our benefits management and COBRA compliance piece. We also did an internal audit with Zenefits’ numbers and saved another $3K in overpayment (premium refunds), plus the money that we’d set aside for a system this year.”—Victoria Kerr, HR/Staffing Director @Colorado Outward Bound School

As your business grows, your needs evolve. Many traditional brokers and HR software suites just aren’t equipped to roll with the changes of a growing company. Don’t wait for a costly error to find this out. Make the switch today.


Jeremy "Sprout" Brautman is a writer, problem solver, and big fan of growth. When he's not trying to solve problems to help small businesses grow, he can be found developing amenities to increase occupancy at his urban Ladybug Hotel.

Category: HR Tips & Trends

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