101 Gift Ideas for Coworkers, Managers, and Team Members

December 9, 2016

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This post was originally published on December 15, 2015, but was updated on December 9, 2016. 

The holiday season is upon us—a time for joy, love, and stressing out about what to get your colleagues. Finding the perfect gift is never easy, and it’s even more difficult to choose one for those you work with. Perhaps you were assigned someone you barely know in your office Secret Santa, or you aren’t sure if that “World’s Best Boss” mug is fun or just plain lame. Whatever your concern, we have your back.

Check out these 101 gift ideas to give your colleagues, managers, and members of your team:

  1. Cold brew infusion bottle: For your cold-brew obsessed colleague (“no, it’s not the same as regular iced coffee!”), let them skip Starbucks with this cold brew infusion bottle.
  2. Wine tasting course: For the aspiring sommelier, sign them up for a wine tasting class at a local school or winery.
  3. Adult coloring book: Adult coloring books are the hot item this holiday season. They help reduce stress and bring out the playful child in all of us.
  4. Box subscriptions: Box subscriptions are the new magazine subscription. You can find a box to fit any coworker: Bark Box for dog owners, Loot Crate for gamers, Driftaway for coffee lovers… the possibilities are endless.
  5. Pocket utensil set: For your colleague who always eats at their desk, make their snacking a little more convenient with this pocket utensil set.
  6. Portable Speakers: For the music lover in your office, this Rock-It portable speaker can turn any device into a speaker.
  7. Coffee table book: You can never go wrong with the classic coffee table book like Humans of New York or Vanity Fair 100 Years. This is an especially great option for a coworker who just moved or newly furnished their apartment.
  8. Scrabble coasters: Want something utilitarian and fun? Try these Scrabble Coastersthey’re great for large meetings with dozens of coffee mugs, and afterward you can turn the conference table into a giant game board to blow off steam.
  9. Carry On Cocktail Kit: Zenefits Customer Spotlight: For your coworker who is traveling during the holidays – and appreciates a cocktail every now and then – this Carry On Cocktail Kit from Frank + Oak is a must-have gift.  
  10. On-the-Go Fragrance: Zenefits Customer Spotlight: For your coworker who is always on the go, consider Parfum à gogo from Pinrose – convenient wipes that contain a perfectly measured dose of fragrance on a towelette. 
  11. Pay it forward: Give the gift that keeps on giving with a Watsi gift card. Your coworker can sign up to sponsor a patient and help fund their medical expenses (as little as $5 helps!) with your gift.
  12. Candy dispenser: For the office sweet tooth, give this motion activated candy dispenser they can keep at their desk. (Plus, it keeps them from depleting the entire office candy stash!)
  13. Smart cloth: Screen smudges drive everyone crazy. Give the gift of cleanliness (and sanity) with this smart cloth lens and touch screen cleaner.
  14. Homemade salsa kit: This Salsa Grow Kit will appeal to the office green thumb and spicy food connoisseur. It includes seeds to grow your own tomatoes with ingredients and instructions to then make your own salsa.
  15. Portable charger: For team members whose phones or tablets are always dying, give the gift of power with a portable charger. This one works for both Apple and Android devices.
  16. Swim Trunks: Zenefits Customer Spotlight: It may be winter, but for those coworkers who are already dreaming of summer, swim trunks from Chubbies are the perfect gift. 
  17. The Thing Explainer: For the trivia nut in your office, this book explains all sorts of interesting things using only the thousand most common words in the English language.
  18. Desk organizer: For your slightly scatterbrained colleague, give them this adorable dinosaur organizer and memo holder. Get them before they’re extinct!
  19. Engraved luggage tags: For the coworker who’s always on a business trip, give them a set of engraved luggage tags so that they never have to worry about losing their bags.
  20. Sriracha keychain: We all have that coworker who hogs all the hot sauce (or even keeps it at their desk). Give them the gift of convenience (while protecting your own spicy supply) with this sriracha keychain.
  21. Festive candles: When in doubt, go with something festive. This eggnog-scented candle is a classic.
  22. Event tickets: Instead of an item, give the gift of an experience this year. Give your coworker tickets to a sports game, comedy show, play, or concert. Extra points if you pick something holiday-themed!
  23. Funny tee: For the office comedian, tickle their funny bone with a (tasteful) humorous t-shirt. This one, for example, is perfect for your coworker in IT.
  24. Cider-infused caramels: Add a special twist to the ever-popular gift of caramel with these milk chocolate and cider infused caramels.
  25. Personalized bobblehead: Take a leaf out of Dwight Schrute’s book and give your coworker a personalized bobblehead.
  26. Sticky note roller: This unique sticky note roller is perfect for out-of-the-box brainstorm sessions. Also, it’s a sticky note roller—how fun is that?
  27. Ramen cooker: Revolutionize your coworker’s lunch game with this ramen cooker that lets you make perfect, evenly-cooked noodles in the microwave, and spares the mess.
  28. Ticket stub diary: For the person who’s always going to see that new art exhibit or never misses a Bruce Springsteen concert, help them remember each experience with this ticket stub diary.
  29. Tequila mockingbird: This fresh take on a cocktail recipe book, filled with literary-inspired drinks like “The Last of the Mojitos” and “Bridget Jones’ Daiquiri” is perfect for any book nerd or pun enthusiast.
  30. Funky memo pad: Have a coworker that’s always forgetting your meeting time? Giving them a cool memo pad like this tv set pad will keep them organized and brighten up the office.
  31. Productivity Cards: For the go-getter in your office, help them boost their productivity with tips from these cards.
  32. Laptop privacy filter: If you have a colleague who’s constantly working on sensitive projects, or just prefers privacy, give them this laptop privacy filter that will let them work safe from prying eyes.
  33. Honey sampler: For the person who is super sweet (or just has a sweet tooth), give them a holiday honey sampler. It’s a fun alternative to chocolates, and a great snack to put out if you’re hosting a holiday party.
  34. Coffee for a causeMost of your colleagues are probably coffee addicts, so give them a boost of caffeine and karma. 100% of proceeds from Three Avocados go towards clean water and education in Uganda.
  35. Comfortable Joggers: Zenefits Customer Spotlight: For the coworker who loves being comfortable day and night, these joggers from MeUndies will be staple in their closet. 
  36. Personalized business card holder: A business card holder is a classic and practical gift. Add a unique touch by personalizing it.
  37. Manatea infuser: Add a little fun to your coworker’s morning cup of tea with this Manatea (get it?) tea infuser. Not only is it cute and quirky, but it’s great for making the best loose leaf teas right at your desk.
  38. Decorate their workspace: A fun and festive alternative to the traditional holiday gift is to decorate your colleague’s office or workspace. No, you don’t need to make the entire cubicle a gingerbread house like this (though you could). But some lights and fake snow will be sure to brighten their holiday spirits!
  39. Sunglasses: It’s a universal fact: you can never have too many sunglasses. We break them, we lose them, we put them on our shirt and forget about them. When in doubt, go with a staple and get your coworker some sweet shades.
  40. Cookie gift box: It’s all in the name: Party in a Box Cookie Gift. What’s not to love? A foolproof choice for anyone.
  41. Grown-up legos: This Advanced Modeling Kit by ARCKIT, often referred to as “grown up legos,” is perfect for any coworker embracing their inner architect or inner child.
  42. Flavored marshmallows: ‘Tis the season for hot cocoa! Make your coworker’s holiday more interesting with these flavored marshmallows. They even have festive holiday flavors like peppermint and eggnog.
  43. Tie case: Does your coworker travel often for meetings? Do they have to wear ties to said meetings? Help them look their best with this Herringbone Tie Case, which helps keep your ties straight in a suitcase. Plus, it looks super sharp.
  44. Geek Wisdom: For your resident (preferably self-proclaimed) geek, this collection of mini essays for and about geek/nerd culture is the perfect blend of intellectualism and pop culture.
  45. Voodoo notepad: We all need to vent our office frustrations from time to time. Why not make it a practical exercise too? With this voodoo notepad, your coworker can let out their feelings and keep helpful reminders.
  46. Fingertip gloves: The classic winter dilemma: your hands are cold, but you need to send a text and you can’t type with gloves on. Make sure your coworker never knows this struggle with these touchscreen gloves.
  47. Desk phone: Do you have a colleague who’s constantly on conference calls? Make the experience a bit brighter for them with this Ring True vintage desk phone.
  48. Cell phone bike mount: For your coworker who bikes to work everyday, this smartphone bike mount will make their phone easy to access at all times—and it’s waterproof!
  49. Donate to a charity in their name: There is no greater gift than the gift of giving. Instead of a present, make a donation in your coworker’s name to a charity they are passionate about, or give them a GlobalGiving gift card so they can choose one that they like.
  50. Star Wars coffee mug: If the force is particularly strong with one of your colleagues, give them this personalized Star Wars coffee mug with their name on it.
  51. Star Wars Death Star tea infuser: Or if coffee isn’t their thing, try this Star Wars Death Star tea infuser instead!
  52. Gourmet gift basket: Kick the classic gift basket up a notch with this Gourmet Gift Basket. You can choose from dozens of baskets like the classic Christmas Basket, the Red Wine Classic, or even a gluten free basket!
  53. The 1001 Smartest Things Ever Said: If your coworker is always trying to inspire, give them some good material with a copy of The 1001 Smartest Things Ever Said. It’s a great resource for presentations, blogs, or even just a tweet.
  54. Mini business card filing cabinet: Is your coworker overrun with hundreds of business cards? For the person always making new contacts, give them this mini filing cabinet for organizing their ever-growing card collection.
  55. Noise canceling headphones: For your poor colleague who is distracted by the constant noise in your office, give them the gift of peace and quiet with some noise canceling headphones.
  56. Mini bacon and chocolate bar set: Bacon and chocolate. Need we say more? Perfect for any non-vegetarian coworker with functioning taste buds.
  57. “Sack of Coal” popcorn: For your coworker on the “naughty list,” do Santa’s work for him and give them this sack of coal. Ok, it’s actually delicious popcorn that looks like a sack of coal, so it’s great for any colleague, naughty or nice!
  58. Teetime reservation: Have a coworker who loves to hit the links? Reserve a tee time at their favorite golf course. If you’re lucky, they may even bring you along.
  59. Decision maker: Sometimes it’s tough to make decisions. Your coworker probably has a hard time with it at moments, too. But if you give them this final answer decision maker, thanks to you, they won’t have to.
  60. Gift cards: When in doubt, a gift card is always a safe option. If you don’t know the recipient very well, get one for an all-purpose store like Target. If you do, try to get something that appeals to their interests: an REI gift card for the hiker or GameStop card for the gamer.
  61. Phone case: For the coworker who’s glued to their phone, get them a fun new phone case. If you want to get extra fancy, try one of these wallet cases, which also hold credit cards.
  62. A guide to everything: This book is perfect for the utilitarian at your office. The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide teaches you everything you didn’t realize you needed to know, from shucking oysters to splitting wood to brewing the perfect cup of coffee.
  63. Passport case: For the international jetsetter, make sure they never get stranded with this passport case.
  64. Eyeglass holder: Is your colleague always losing their glasses? Or even worse, breaking them? Eliminate the problem with one of these eyeglass holders. They’re not only useful, but will look great on their desk.
  65. Plantable cards: This gift is ideal for the office greenthumb. These “cards” are actually plantable seeds for six different plants: parsley, tomato, dill, basil, lettuce, and carrots. They’re also perfect for home chefs.
  66. Bike multi-tool keychain: For the cyclist of the group—not only is this lightweight bike keychain perfect for bike commuters (bulky keychains are such a hassle), it also doubles as a bottle opener.
  67. Stylus pen set: For your coworker addicted to their tablet (or any mobile device): try a set of stylus pens to make working on their device that much easier.
  68. Scratch map: This scratch map is perfect for your globe-trotting deskmate. They can scratch out all of the different places they’ve visited and the places that they hope to go. It’s also a nice decoration to add to the cubicle.
  69. Vanishing vase: Instead of the typical desk plant, give your floral-loving coworker this fresh take on a classic vase. It looks like delicate glass, but is actually durable plastic.
  70. Back scratcher: This popular stocking stuffer is popular for a reason: it’s awesome. For your coworker who needs a little stress relief, this bear claw back scratcher is perfect to help them relax (plus, you can persuade them to let you borrow it).
  71. Monogrammed wine stopper: For the wine lover at the office: give them a monogrammed wine stopper to add a personal touch to their evening glass (or two) of vino.
  72. Cooking class: Signing a coworker up for a cooking class is a great alternative to a traditional gift. Try something fun like a sushi making class for two.
  73. Cocktail set: For the (aspiring) mixologist in your office, up their bartending game with this set of stainless steel bar tools and shaker. Once they’ve perfected their skills, they can invite the team over for a company happy hour.
  74. Smartphone stand: This smartphone microstand is perfect for your coworker who’s always watching the latest viral video or scrolling through Instagram at their desk (in their spare time, of course!).
  75. Gourmet tea pods: Why do coffee pods get all the attention? Tea lovers deserve quality, too! These gourmet tea pods will tickle the taste buds of any tea enthusiast.
  76. Lunchbox for grownups: For the person who brings their lunch to work every day, give them a cool lunchbox to carry their food in (the traditional paper bag is so passe). Try the Collapsable Eco Meal Kit or the To Go Box.
  77. Spa day: Let’s face it: work is stressful. Give the gift of relaxation with a gift card for a spa day. It’s the perfect gift for everyone.
  78. Kitchit gift card: Are any of your colleagues working parents, or just plain too busy to cook? Give them a gift card for Kitchit, which they can use to have a professional chef cook them a meal, or have fresh ingredients and instructions sent to their home.
  79. Vintage Game Set: Bring back the traditional game night with this Kikkerland Vintage Game Set. Great for any game lover or collector.
  80. New Yorker desk calendar: This desk calendar featuring a cartoon from the New Yorker each day is the perfect gift for any reader, humorist, or coworker who always asks you for the date.
  81. Parks Project tees: Do you work with an avid hiker or nature lover? Give them a gift that actually gives back: the proceeds for these Parks Project tees go toward preserving, promoting, and protecting our national parks.
  82. Mug warmer: Coffee is often a necessity to get through the work day, but there are few things worse than cold coffee (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Make sure this never happens to your coworker with a mug warmer they can keep at their desk.
  83. Pet doodles: Is your colleague obsessed with their pet? Try Dobby Doodles. Send “Dobby” a picture of their pet, and she will send you a custom digital image of your pet that you can own and use for whatever you want (think printed mugs, pins, tees, etc.). You coworker will love it (almost) as much as their animal.
  84. Mini terrarium: An office plant can brighten up any workspace. But why just give your coworker a plant when you can give them an entire (mini) terrarium?
  85. Toaster USB hub and thumb drives: For your storage or breakfast-obsessed colleague: give them this toaster-shaped USB hub with toast thumbdrives. It’s adorable and functional!
  86. Mankind’s Greatest Quotes: Is your coworker the one always stepping up to give a toast? Give them some new material with Mankind’s Greatest Quotes.
  87. Truffle tasting set: For the office chocoholic: give them this truffle tasting set from Godiva. You can choose the flavors yourself!
  88. TaskRabbit gift card: For your colleague that just doesn’t have enough hours in a day, unload a bit of their burden with a TaskRabbit gift card. It lets them hire someone to take care of the chores and tasks they don’t have time for themselves.
  89. Cookies for Cancer: Want something that will feed your appetite and your soul? Give your colleague a gift from Cookies for Kids Cancer: all cookie proceeds go toward children’s cancer research.
  90. Cubicle space heater: For your coworker who’s always freezing (we’re looking at you, Sarah!) give the gift of warmth with this cubicle space heater.
  91. Desktop games: Add a little fun to your colleague’s workday with a desktop game like desk golf, basketball, skee ball, or bowling.
  92. Tree trunk planter: For a more original take on the traditional desk plant, try this tree trunk planter. Another plus: it requires essentially zero maintenance.
  93. Mustache soap set: What’s not to love about a mustache soap set? Perfect for your quirky (and hygienic) coworker.
  94. Moodycards: Let your colleague express his or herself with these hilarious Moodycards designed specifically for the office.
  95. Fleece blanket: You can never go wrong with a fleece blanket: your coworker can keep it at their desk, in their car, or bring it home!
  96. Heated throw blanket: But if a simple fleece blanket isn’t enough to warm up your frosty work friend, try a heated throw instead.
  97. Chair cushion: Do you have uncomfortable desk chairs at your office? Give the gift of comfort with a chair cushion for your coworker.
  98. Pickle something: Instead of baking or brewing this year, try making pickles (or pickling some other vegetable) for your coworker. The jars also make for a great kitchen decoration.
  99. Stress ball: For your super stressed-out colleague, give them a little relief with a stress ball like this “infectious disease ball.”
  100. Office emergency kit: This office emergency kit will prepare your coworker for any possible workplace disaster.
  101. Socks: Zenefits Customer Spotlight: Everyone loves socks. ‘Nuff said.

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