12 Powerful Apps to Optimize Your Time (And Your Business)

April 14, 2016

While it’s all too easy to lament that we spend too much time glued to our phones, it’s nearly impossible to deny everything that these devices do for us on a daily basis. From eliminating awful post office runs, delivering food to our desks, or even picking up items for donation, mobile apps today have the potential to streamline your to-do list so you can make the most of your time and focus on your business.

To help you avoid home-screen clutter, we’ve scoured the web for 13 of the best apps that will help you manage your inbox, keep your to-do list in line, and collect your cool after a long day.

12 Mobile Apps to Give You An Edge

1. 1Password

First things first — when you’re running a business, you own a lot of critical information related to your finances, employees and resources. However, those face-palming moments from mixing up passwords can really slow you down. 1Password offers a secure place to store your various private keywords so you can access your sensitive information without getting locked out after one too many failed attempts. Store everything from your garage keypad code, email account and bank login in 1Password. The best part? You’ll only need to remember one password to get you in. (Share this password to success)

2. Perka

Tired of losing rewards cards for your favorite brands? Eliminate this headache for your biggest fans by offering customers a mobile version of the punch card. Celebrate their consistent support with incentives that will generate interest and continued loyalty for your business.

3. Wrike

When you’re overseeing a team, project management is at the core of what you do. Make document sharing, collaboration and communication a breeze with this app. A cool addition is the task assignment feature which allows insight into which team members are working on what. (Tell my network about Wrike)

4. SignEasy

Say goodbye to the hassle of faxing, scanning, paper and pens with SignEasy. SignEasy integrates with business apps you’re already using (like Evernote or Slack), so you can expedite paperwork, close deals faster and ensure your important documents don’t slow down due to lack of antiquated, clunky equipment. (Tweet this blog)

5. Calm

Need a minute to collect your cool? Calm is generating lots of buzz for its zen-like capabilities in bringing you back down to earth. Duck into a quiet conference room or pop in headphones to disconnect so you can reconnect. (Spread the zen)

6. Evernote Business:

When you’re leading a team, building a business, and juggling multiple tasks, it’s critical that your to-do list evolves with you. Evernote syncs between your mobile and desktop device, and even allows you to create collaborative sheets that you can share with coworkers, family and friends.

7. Postmates

Entrepreneurs need fuel to keep them sharp. Save time daily by having your current craving come to you (wherever that may be) and paying without a wallet at pickup. In a pinch for something other than eats? Postmates delivers school supplies, medicine, household goods and more in the General Store section of the app. (Share this post)

8. Quickbooks

At the core of running any successful business is a deep understanding of your resources. Quickbook’s mobile app allows you to cut paychecks, submit invoices, and of course, manage your budget with crystal clear expense tracking. Want to set up specific goals, payment dates and alerts? Quickbooks can make it happen. (Spread productivity awareness)

9. WeChat

Picking up popularity with millions of users, WeChat is a free mobile messaging and calling platform that allows you to connect seamlessly with contacts around the globe. Share photos, media and access language support should you need translation when connecting internationally. (Share this article)

10. Expensify

Tired of holding onto a wad of paper receipts? Say goodbye to wallet bulk with Expensify. Integrated with SmartScan technology, Expensify allows you to upload a photo of your transaction on the go, inputs the details for you, and associates it with the allocated cards on file. Traveling or charging based on time? The app also has custom fields to account for these. (Tweet this post)

11. SaneBox

We all know the feeling of an inbox deluge (gulp). SaneBox shoos away less important information (after analyzing your inbox habits) by sending them directly to a “SaneLater” folder so you focus on high priority tasks throughout your day. At closing time, you’ll receive a digest from your “SaneLater” folder so you don’t miss a beat.

12. Zenefits Mobile

Tired of scrambling for important HR docs while you’re on the go? That ends here with the new Zenefits mobile. Search pay stubs, request time off and view a summary of your benefits all from the palm of your hand with the new Zenefits app. Life happens outside of the office – so don’t let lack of document access slow you down.


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