Up to 75% of Employees Get Immediate EOI Results With New Zenefits & Unum Platform

July 18, 2017

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Zenefits’ employee benefits platform now integrates with Unum’s online Evidence of Insurability (EOI) portal. An exciting step, this means that employees who elect life and disability coverage that may require proof of good health through an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) submission have an easier, faster, and paperless benefits solution.

Up to 75% of employees receive an immediate decision (approved or denied) regarding additional life and disability insurance directly after completing. Any other employees are immediately sent to Unum for review.1 This is a true advantage for offering Unum insurance through the Zenefits system.

The modern benefits platform provides automated prompts to guide employees through each step of the application process. Not only is the online enrollment process faster and easier, it also creates a more secure channel for providing Protected Health Information (PHI).

Employee Steps:

  1. Determine if desired coverage amount requires Evidence of Insurability (EOI).
  2. If the employee elects additional coverage, they will self-authenticate on the Unum portal using only their last name, DOB, and last four digits of their Social Security number (SSN).
  3. The employee fills out the health questionnaire (EOI) for themselves and/or their dependents online through the secure platform, which automatically connects to their Unum life and disability enrollments.
  4. The form is submitted electronically.

Unum & Zenefits - Life & Disability

5. Results are displayed immediately for up to 75% of employees. If declined, employees are shown result for decline.  Confirmation letters are still sent to employees, which outline an appeal process if needed.

A Better Employee Experience

Zenefits’ Benefits Fulfillment & Automation team developed and implemented an automated, weekly upload of the Unum Book of Business (BOB) report – providing an up-to-date list of every group and employee enrolled with Unum. This upload enables our platform to provide recently enrolled employees with necessary inbox tasks.

Ready to learn more? Start a conversation with one of our employee benefits experts to learn how you can offer this advantage to your employees.

1 Unum internal data, 2017.


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Category: Zenefits, Benefits

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