9 Mental Health Apps for You and Your Employees

best mental health apps for 2019

The demand for mental health programs in the workplace is growing. There are many solutions and mental wellness programs available, but the most cost-efficient solutions may be on the app store.

As part of a future wellness program, consider purchasing an office subscription to mental health apps to improve the emotional wellbeing of your employees. From meditation to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, there are tons of groundbreaking apps to help-- here’s a list of our favorite top ranking choices.


With over 5,000 reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 average rating, there’s no denying Moodpath is one of the top-rated apps for employee mental health. This popular app helps you improve your emotional well-being with a bi-weekly mental health assessment.

Users answer daily questions and track their moods throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening. Based on the answers, you’ll receive supportive insights to understand your unique emotional patterns and triggers better. Moodpath also lets you choose from a library of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy exercises to learn new mindful techniques and self-compassion skills.


Calm won the “2017 App of the Year” award for meditation and sleep. The Center for Humane Technology called it the “happiest app in the world.” If you’re like most employees, less stress and more sleep are on your wish list.

Calm offers guided meditations, breathing programs, and masterclasses to help you relax. The app works with your schedule by providing 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25-minute sessions. If you’re looking for a mindfulness app, this is it.

Journey Meditation

Journey Meditation is one of our favorite mental health apps-- it helps guide your employees through classes designed for them. Journey's goal is to make meditation approachable, accessible and relevant to the lives of you and your employees. They also have a stress management and mental-wellbeing program designed to help every organization.

In addition to the app, they offer live 30-minute journey classes at your place of work, which have been proven to increase productivity and confidence while reducing stress. We use Journey here at Zenefits, and love our weekly meditation classes!

Lake: Coloring Books

Studies show that coloring is a great way to relieve stress. According to Apple, Lake is “A beautifully designed, best-of-breed coloring app.” Packed with creative tools, custom color palettes, and illustrations, users will never get bored.

Free users get access to one illustration each day and subscribers can unlock multiple options at once. Choose between an acrylic brush, watercolor brush, or spray can to create your work of art. Color inside the lines, zoom in and out to capture details and save your masterpiece on your device. You can even print the pieces you’re extra proud of. Unleash your inner artist and color away stress with the Lake Coloring Books app.


Battling stress and anxiety requires more than meditation. You need tools and strategies designed by the professionals. That’s where Pacifica comes in. As one of Apple’s “Best of 2017,” Pacifica helps users combat stress and anxiety with day-to-day management techniques.

Get started with thought recording, journaling, and analysis to break the negative thought cycle. Complete daily challenges to make progress toward long-term goals. Use the health tracker feature to identify your specific triggers, such as alcohol, caffeine, or sleep. One of the greatest Pacifica features is the community. Download the app to share stories, advice, and more through the peer-support community.


Sometimes emotional health challenges require professional help. Joyable pairs coaches with clients working to improve their mental health. Receive one-on-one coaching support from the palm of your hand. Joyable coaches teach Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods. Access personalized programs and track progress all within the app.

Answer several behavioral questions, meet your coach, complete activities on your time, and achieve your goals. It’s that simple.


Journaling is a great way to record your moods, track activities, and create patterns for better productivity. Daylio differs from the other mental health apps as it allows you to journal with its micro-diary app. Personalize your notes with a database of icons, set journaling reminders, and analyze app generated statistics based on your moods and activities.

What’s Up?

What’s Up? Can help improve employee mental health with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods. The app gives users different techniques to cope with depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. A few favorite features include:

  • Strategies for overcoming common negative thinking patterns
  • Breathing techniques for staying calm and relaxed
  • Metaphors for coping with negative feelings
  • A diary for gathering thoughts

Download What’s Up? to find out why others are calling it “An Absolutely Sublime Tool.”


Youper is one of the first mental health apps to include an AI assistant that combines mindfulness and therapy into instant message conversations. Are you struggling to improve your mood? Maybe you’re not feeling talkative. Tell Youper what’s bothering you and have a conversation with the AI assistant.

Youper utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness, and meditation techniques to help you improve your mood and behavior. Daily conversations with Youper help you have better conversations with your doctor to improve your emotional health.

Use these apps to help boost your workforce's overall mental health in 2019!

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