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Bella Lazzareschi

After working in the field of psychology research for years, Bella loves sharing what she's learned in a more directly impactful context. She's interested in the intersection of people and business, and wants to promote conversations about HR. She's an amateur ceramicist, pro dog walker, and produces podcasts on the side.

Autonomous Workplace

February 6, 2018

Harmful Micromanagement: How to Switch to an Autonomous Workplace

We’ve all had a boss who put the “manager” in “micromanager.” Someone who monitors employees’ every move from lunch breaks to tardiness and time spent on Instagram. While many think this is a way to keep employees focused and productive, various studies have demonstrated just the opposite. A PubMed article shows that this kind of […]

Diversity in the Workplace

February 5, 2018

Recruiting for Diversity in the Workplace

Silicon Valley is shockingly homogenous. While the representation of white women in the workforce has improved dramatically in the past decade, we are not seeing similar results for minorities. In a recent study based on statistics from the San Francisco Bay Area workforce database, race remained a more significant factor than gender in impacting the […]

Gamification in the workplace

January 30, 2018

Gamification in HR: Does it Work?

Developed in 2008, gamification has grown exponentially in the past decade. Today you can see examples of it everywhere: receiving stamps for cups of coffee, gaining new features in running apps, even military training utilizes gaming features. Now that this phenomenon has had time to develop in the public sphere and integrate into the workplace, […]

reducing stress in the workplace

January 25, 2018

The Costly Effects of Stress in the Workplace

We’re examining every aspect of productivity in the workplace. One of the largest issues that affects all employees in the workforce, regardless of their position or company, is self-care– both physical and mental. On a large scale, the World Health Organization says stress costs businesses $300 billion every year. It’s tempting to show dedication to […]


January 18, 2018

An Over 30’s Guide to Recruiting Millennials

There’s a new, young generation infiltrating the workforce, and they’re changing the way top companies are recruiting. Though Millennials have a pervasive reputation of entitlement, they now comprise one-third of the US workforce, and that’s proving to be a good thing. Their ideas of a positive work environment go way beyond pescatarian lunch options and […]

AI in the workplace - bots

December 12, 2017

Thinking Outside the Bots: AI in the Workplace

When we hear the term “artificial intelligence,” our minds may jump to films like “Ex-Machina,” in which automated human replicants charm, excite, and ultimately, endanger the lives of real humans. Most of these sci-fi thrillers are wildly intriguing and offer boundless possibilities within this new frontier of human invention, but they also highlight society’s underlying fear […]