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Beth Steinberg

Beth is Zenefits' Chief People Officer, where she oversees the ongoing execution of HR policies and practices, and guides Zenefits in workforce strategy, talent development and organization management. Beth has held leadership positions at some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley including BrightRoll (acquired by Yahoo), Sunrun, Facebook and Electronic Arts. She has also held positions at Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Nordstrom. Most recently, Beth's advisory firm Mensch Ventures helped dozens of companies enhance company culture to drive business results.

Beth Steinberg talks about pay equity

April 12, 2018

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dialogue: Pay Equity Starts with Leadership

In a perfect world, the need for salary negotiation wouldn’t exist. There’d be no reason to complain about fair compensation because all employees would be paid by a fair and equitable system. Bias, bargaining, and conflict would be kept out of the equation completely. But in the real life workplaces we all know and love, […]