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Caitlin is a content marketing manager who loves telling small business success stories. When she’s not tweeting at industry influencers, you can find her crafting pickles and exploring San Francisco.

July 21, 2016

6.5 Essential Reads To Gift Your Growing Team

Whether you’re forming a new team or growing an existing one, a key component to any organization’s success is sharing a mutual understanding of business priorities. Different teams may focus on different initiatives, but a well oiled organization keeps their eye on the same finish line. As a leader, getting your team on that same […]


July 2, 2016

Zenefits Back to Business Tour: Denver–Family First and Confidence in Compliance

Averaging 300 days of sunshine a year, Denver, CO is nothing short of radiant. Earlier this week, our team migrated to the Mile High City to connect with local customers and hear firsthand stories of their evolution as small businesses. Themes of team expansion, benefits enhancements and streamlining practices were strident throughout our days in […]


June 24, 2016

Back to Business Tour: Atlanta — A Hotbed for Technology, Transparency and Team Building

Ranking on Forbes’ Top 5 Places for Business and Careers, there’s no denying that Atlanta is a city on fire. This vibrant metropolis is bustling with innovators, fast growing businesses, not to mention some of the most lip smackin’ BBQ in the country — making our stop in the A-T-L nothing short of invigorating. During […]


June 1, 2016

5 Brilliant Business Ideas from Hustle Con 2016

Startups face many challenges today, but it’s important to remember: “you don’t have to be a coder to be an entrepreneur.” At least not according to the folks at Hustle Con,  a networking event for “non-techies” and one I had the privilege to attend at the Paramount theater in Oakland earlier in May. The day […]


May 17, 2016

Join Us Live for the Zenefits Back to Business Tour

Running a small business is a big job. You have to wear a lot of hats. You’re constantly juggling shifting priorities. And among all the things competing for your attention, HR is often the most complex and time-consuming. Companies spend up to 25% of their time on employment-related paperwork alone. – U.S. Small Business Administration Luckily, […]


April 24, 2016

5 Refreshing TEDTalks To Rejuvenate Your Work

This time of year, themes of fresh beginnings and budding opportunities are ubiquitous. Take advantage of the seasonal shift by applying a new lens to your small business mindset with five TEDTalks to nurture new ideas for growth. 1. The Happy Secret to Better Work   During this sunny season, embrace a cheery outlook on what […]


April 14, 2016

12 Powerful Apps to Optimize Your Time (And Your Business)

While it’s all too easy to lament that we spend too much time glued to our phones, it’s nearly impossible to deny everything that these devices do for us on a daily basis. From eliminating awful post office runs, delivering food to our desks, or even picking up items for donation, mobile apps today have […]


March 29, 2016

15 Podcasts Under 15 Minutes for On-The-Go Entrepreneurs

With today’s increasingly hectic schedules, opportunity to stimulate your mind and consider new ideas for inspiration, investing, and individual betterment can be scarce. One solution? Podcasts. Ideal for listening on-the-go, we’ve put together a list of 15 entrepreneurial-themed episodes under 15 minutes to suit tight timeframes, so you can make the most of getting from […]


March 21, 2016

31 Inspiring Quotes To Help You Lead Great Teams

Making difficult decisions, constantly learning, and taking time to appreciate your team are core practices behind any successful leader—but balancing these skills is not always easy. To help, we’ve gathered together 31 inspiring quotes from innovators across all industries. Bookmark this blog and reference it for inspiration throughout your week, or share one of your […]