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As a professional copywriter, Dan produces strategic marketing content for startups, digital agencies, and established brands. He helps organizations tell stories, achieve online presence, and builds brands that communicate with their customers. Dan is also a regular contributor to Forbes. He started writing after his first professional role as a health promotions coordinator for a local family physicians office.

How are disability payments calculated?

November 2, 2018

How are Disability Payments Calculated?

Despite the importance and prevalence of disability payments, many employers are still uncertain as to how these payments work. This is particularly true because payments and what qualifying factors change over time. Here’s what all employers should know about how disability payments are calculated. How are disability payments calculated? Contrary to what many employers and […]

how to offer the best employee benefits

November 1, 2018

How to Build a Competitive Employee Benefits Package: A Guide for SMBs

Employee benefits can give you an edge when competing for top candidates and employee retention. When creating your employee benefits package, it’s not necessarily about who offers the best benefits in every category, but focusing on what’s important to candidates and employees. Take a look at which benefits are most highly valued. Health Benefits The […]

FSA enrollment

October 31, 2018

FSA Enrollment: Employer FAQs Explained

FSA enrollment can be a stressful period for both employers and employees, especially when it comes to changes in eligibility. The good news is that, with a little information and preparation, employers can be readily prepared for FSA enrollment. Here, we answer the most important questions regarding this topic. Can You Sign up for an […]

what is an IRA 941 form?

October 30, 2018

IRS 941 Form: Understanding The Basics

The IRS 941 form is one of the most important documents for employers to submit. Filing this form on time will guarantee that your company is adhering to the necessary tax payment and employee wage guidelines. Here’s a quick rundown of the IRS 941 form, including why it’s so important and how to complete it […]

IRS Form 944

October 19, 2018

HR Basics: Decoding IRS Form 944

Paying quarterly taxes can be a stressful endeavor for small companies. Fortunately, the IRS Form 944 enables small employers to file their taxes only once a year, instead of every quarter. Which employers are eligible for this form and how exactly does it work? What is the IRS form 944? The 944 is an annual […]

How to boost morale going into fall

October 15, 2018

How to Boost Morale Going into Fall

As the days get shorter, the weather gets cooler, and PTO is used up, many employees face an undeniable slump in attitudes and productivity. This lack of motivation could be due to seasonal depression, change in weather, post-vacation blues, or the onset of busy holiday and family-related activities. Whatever the reason, here’s how to spot […]

how a family sets up coordination of benefits

October 12, 2018

What is the Coordination of Benefits?

The health care system is riddled with complexities and nuances, particularly when it comes to employer-provided health insurance. One confusing aspect of employer health coverage is the coordination of benefits, or COB, when an employee has more than one insurance plans. But what exactly is COB–and what should employees and employers know about this important […]

When and how can one access cobra?

October 9, 2018

How do I access COBRA health coverage?

In addition to protecting certain individuals from high health care prices, COBRA ensures that spouses, family, and the retired are entitled to health care access when a family member experiences a major life event. Here’s what you should know about how to access COBRA health coverage as an employer. How does COBRA work? The Consolidated […]


October 8, 2018

Open Enrollment is Coming. Is The Millennial Generation Informed?

With more people launching careers as freelancers, entrepreneurs, contractors, and independent workers, understanding open enrollment is more important than ever. Although a large percentage of millennial workers require or want their own insurance through the marketplace, not many millennials feel confident in their own knowledge of the process. Here’s an overview of the information gap […]

paid vs. unpaid leave of absence

October 8, 2018

What Qualifies for an Unpaid vs. Paid Leave of Absence?

From family emergencies to medical situations, there are many reasons why your employee may need to take a leave of absence. As an employer, knowing when these periods of leave qualify as paid or unpaid can be difficult. Here’s everything you need to know so you can be sure you’re giving your employees the correct […]

new yorks new sexual harassment law

October 8, 2018

New York’s New Sexual Harassment Law

Standing out against sexual harassment and assault has long been a taboo topic– that’s all finally changing. Due to development in the political climate and the popularity of #metoo, The Women’s March, and a number of other social movements, companies are changing the way they manage sexual assault in the workplace. Evidence of that change […]

what is radical transparency?

October 4, 2018

Modern Companies That Are Winning At Radical Transparency

The internet has made it easier than ever for consumers to discover sensitive information about large companies. As a result, businesses are constantly under scrutiny for aspects of their operations, products, services, and culture. Avoiding secrecy by practicing radically transparent is one of the best defenses against the negative repercussion of this easy access to […]