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Jesse Noyes is Head of Content for Zenefits. He started out as a business reporter before beginning a career in marketing. Jesse is naturally curious not only about the work people do, but why they do it. His first job was building freestanding stone walls in his home state of Maine.


October 25, 2018

What is a Full-Time Job? The Definition Could be Shrinking.

.Dave Yonkman needed a top lieutenant at DYS Media. But Yonkman, the president of the small media relations firm in Holland, Mich., tempered his expectations. But then he found the perfect candidate. And Yonkman realized she would take the job if he budged on one thing: the hours. “I didn’t have any bargaining chip in […]


October 8, 2018

More Businesses Make Election Day a Holiday. Can Small Businesses Keep Up?

Dan Golden is closing the doors of his digital marketing firm on election day. The CEO isn’t required by law to give his employees the day to vote on November 6. He’s doing it out of a sense of civic duty. “For me, it’s always about walking the walk,” Golden, the CEO of the Chicago-based […]


September 28, 2018

Who Works in the App-Based Gig Economy? 5 New Findings

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released new research today on the makeup of the rising gig economy. The government agency has recently begun studying the gig economy, which it refers to as the contingent workforce. Today, they added new research on workers who participate in the tech-enabled gig economy through services and apps […]

new hire welcome email

August 28, 2018

Writing a New Employee Welcome Email? Steal These Experts’ Tips

If hiring feels like a marathon, then onboarding can seem like a sprint. Your new hire is starting soon. Or maybe a team of new employees are arriving. What now? Obviously, you want that new employee to feel welcome, productive and excited. And not only for altruistic reasons. A happy, enthusiastic employee can add to […]


July 30, 2018

Just How Popular are Free Employee Meal Policies?

It’s said that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. If that’s true, then many employees in the Bay Area of California might be in for a rude awakening. News came this week that an upcoming change by Facebook to a perk in their Menlo Park office would mean tighter restrictions around their legendary […]

woman working from home with a flexible work arrangement

July 11, 2018

7 Big Statistics About the State of Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible scheduling. Compressed work weeks. Remote work. Unlimited paid time off. The way we work is changing. Smartphones in our pockets mean there’s pressure to always be on. Meanwhile, a tightening labor market has employers, especially small businesses, finding creative ways to attract and keep talent. Enter flexible work arrangements. More workers are asking for […]

independent contractor hats

May 30, 2018

The Employer’s Guide to Independent Contractors Vs. Employees

As businesses grow, staffing needs increase. Should an organization hire an employee or independent contractor? An independent contractor may feel like a part of the team. And their independent status doesn’t mean they can’t — or shouldn’t — be a major contributor to the company’s goals and culture. But there are important distinctions between an […]