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Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis is founder of Elev8 Hire Solutions, Atlanta’s go-to firm for start-ups and high-growth organizations. She previously worked for one of Atlanta's premier Information Technology talent acquisition providers as well as a high growth start-up recruitment firm where she acquired many accolades; including Top Performer of the Year award for the next 5 consecutive years. In her career, she has made a significant impact on the recruitment industry in Atlanta by placing hundreds of top technical talent for Fortune 500 clients down to two-person start-ups.

July 26, 2016

How Benefits Can Help You Win the Talent War

My business helps companies grow by finding the right talent. We’ve worked with the majority of Atlanta’s start-ups and fastest growing companies, and one thing I’ve learned is benefits matter. Having a strong benefits offering can be big ammo when fighting for (and retaining) talent, especially in this candidate-driven environment. With healthcare costs at an […]