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Monique is a freelance writer and editor who is fascinated by the ways individuals choose to communicate with one another. She supports emerging entrepreneurs, exploring cultural differences, and dipping pastries into coffee. Her first real job consisted mainly of typing on a keyboard and she figures she'll never stray too far.

do part-time employees get benefits?

September 26, 2018

How Many Hours Can Part-Time Employees Work Without Benefits?

The life of a part-time employee lends itself to a certain type of freedom. Working part-time means fewer hours and more flexibility, but also a level of ambiguity under federal definitions. Each employer has a different idea of what constitutes part-time work, depending on a variety of factors within their specific organization. There is a […]

what is a peo?

September 6, 2018

What is a PEO?

PEOs take the headache out of those HR related tasks like payroll and taxes. Companies, especially small to medium-sized, may benefit from outsourcing these areas and focusing instead on other aspects of running a business. In turn, however, employers and employees may suffer the consequences. What does PEO stand for? PEO stands for Professional employer […]

fringe benefits are sweeteners

August 9, 2018

Answers to 6 FAQs About Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits are confusing. What exactly is a fringe benefit? Are they all taxable? Are they the same from company to company? Fringe benefits are the large range of work perks you enjoy in addition to your salary. For employees and employers in the 21st-century, fringe benefits are becoming better incentives than just salary-based compensation […]