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June 12, 2018

Interview Bootcamp: 4 Hiring Tips to Help Your Team Recruit Top Talent

Hiring is hard. What do you ask your candidates? Do you perhaps give them a test? Ask about their experience, or pose theoretical situations to examine their thought processes? These decisions are hard enough for recruiters to make, let alone for an entire team to align on. While there’s no perfect formula for finding a star […]

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June 12, 2017

Compliance Checklist: Federal Employment Laws You Need To Know At Every Stage Of Your Company’s Growth

With a fast-growing small business, compliance is just one of many things on your to-do list, behind hiring, improving operations, and fine-tuning your products. Here’s a quick checklist of some major federal laws you’ll need to tackle at different employee thresholds in your growth. 1+ Employee Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), via DoL Employers must […]


April 18, 2017

What’s the True Cost of a Bad Hire?

No matter what industry you’re in, hiring mistakes cost a lot of money—about 20% of an employee’s salary, or $6,000-$15,000 for an average worker. For specialized or senior employees, replacement costs can be astronomically higher. But anyone who has ever dismissed a bad hire knows the financial cost is just the tip of the iceberg. […]


March 4, 2016

The Master List: The 73 Best Business Books Entrepreneurs Should Read

While you’ve had your head down taking care of business, the presses have been busy printing off the freshest business books on every topic imaginable, from the perspective of fellow entrepreneurs, journalists, academics, and beyond. Our collected list of 2016’s best business books compiles 19,064 pages of implement-now tactics and stories to inspire and help […]


February 26, 2016

[Quiz] How well do you know overtime and minimum wage law?

How well do you know the Fair Labor Standards Act? Created in 1938, complying with the FLSA is complex, with highly-specific exemptions aplenty. Take our FLSA challenge to see if you can properly determine which jobs receive overtime and minimum wage, and those that shouldn’t.


February 18, 2016

The Management Myth: Yes, Managers Can Receive Overtime Pay, Too

Two common misconceptions in paying out overtime to employees is that both 1) “white collar” office workers and 2) any salaried employee with a manager title is automatically exempt from receiving overtime. This confusion has led to its fair share of pricey legal fees and penalties, so, we’d like to sort through once and for […]


January 26, 2016

[SlideShare] Are Your HR Strategies Out of Date?

Human resources isn’t dead, even though everyone has been forecasting its demise for a good long time. But HR does have a complicated history—at different points in time, it’s viewed as either critical or peripheral to a company’s success, following trends in the labor market. Are workers more likely to change companies? Should companies invest in […]


January 26, 2016

[Infographic] The HR Snowball Effect

When growing a company, any number of small tasks have the potential to snowball into a mountain of work if not handled in a timely manner. One area you definitely don’t want to ignore? HR. From onboarding and compliance to benefits and beyond, letting these tasks fall by the wayside means risking an avalanche of […]


December 9, 2015

New eBook: How to Choose the Best HR Software for Startups and Small Businesses

There are tons of tools out there to handle the different functions within HR. Tools for payroll. Tools for benefits. Tools for onboarding. While you may see slight improvement from using these systems on their own, it’s not until you connect the dots that you start seeing the true potential of what software can help […]


November 17, 2015

Rethinking Small Business Saturday: A New Way To Think About Growing Your Business

At Zenefits, we work with over 10,000 growing businesses around the country. With the holidays upon us, we wanted to offer our thoughts on one in particular: Small Business Saturday. Created to encourage communities to “shop small” and help growing businesses put themselves in front of more shoppers, independent small businesses raked in $14.3 billion […]


September 24, 2015

HR on HR: The Birth of Modern Human Resources at a Company That Wants to Disrupt It

Long before Zenefits created an HR function within its own organization, the early team started with identifying and fixing the stresses of managers, leaders and employees, with the hope of recreating what HR could become when stripped of its administrative side. It wasn’t until the company far exceeded small business status at around 250 employees that […]


September 18, 2015

Paid Sick Leave: Is Your Policy Hurting Your Small Business?

This week, President Obama released an executive order mandating that all new federal contractors will be granted seven days of paid sick leave starting in 2017. What does this mean for my small business? Private businesses are not impacted. Currently, your private business is only required to offer unpaid, job-protected, long-term sick leave through the FLSA. Paid sick leave […]