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August 14, 2016

[Free eBook] 20 Questions to Help Leaders Tackle Top Employee Challenges

As a leader, you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. And while you’re likely keeping strong focus on the growth of your product (read: sales), you may not always be sure of the best ways to grow other areas of your company—namely, your people. Here’s the thing: To unlock future growth, your team is your […]


August 5, 2016

Go for Gold: 3 Ways to Actually Boost Productivity During the Olympic Games

As the 2016 Rio Olympic Games kick off in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, viewers worldwide will be tuning in to watch their favorite teams compete for gold. It’s estimated that 3.6 billion people will be watching, including 72 percent of business professionals. (No pressure, athletes.) Summer months already see a decline in productivity, with more […]


July 8, 2016

11 Compliance Resources to Help Keep Your Business Afloat

For approximately 80% of small businesses, the owner is primarily responsible for regulatory issues. But in a recent survey, 60% had some level of difficulty understanding and managing through regulations and laws that affect their business. These stats shouldn’t surprise. Running a business today is not without its challenges. But, here’s the thing: non-compliance can […]


June 2, 2016

New Zenefits mobile app puts HR in your pocket

Life happens outside the office — you might be at the doctor’s office, at home spending time with family, or out planning a weekend getaway with friends. And as life would have it, you run into situations where you need to communicate with someone from your office or lookup important HR information, such as insurance […]


May 26, 2016

The State of Time Off at Small Businesses (2016)

What’s the right time off policy for your company? How much time do employees need? How much time are other companies in your region providing? Are you offering enough time off to remain competitive? And when employees do take off – is any real work actually getting done by the rest of your team? If you’ve found yourself questioning […]


May 9, 2016

The New Zenefits – Becoming the Compliance Company

Three months ago, I became CEO of Zenefits after an internal investigation brought to light deficiencies in the company’s licensing compliance. In my Day 1 memo, I said that we would be transparent about these failings, because in order to fix a problem, you must first admit that it exists. Regulators and the public have […]