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May 2, 2016

Recognizing the Big Impact of Small Business Owners

Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, I often walked to school with my older sisters.  Our journey took us down the main street, which was always a source of great interest to me with the shop owners out in front cleaning windows and preparing sidewalk bargain displays. One of those shop owners was […]


April 25, 2016

5 Best Practices to Improve Your Employee Onboarding Program [Webinar Recap]

Great onboarding programs champion company culture, while giving new hires the tools and resources to navigate their role. Moreover, companies are 82% more likely to retain talent when they take the time to educate employees. On Thursday, April 21, I had a chance to talk onboarding best practices with Erika McGrath, VP of Human Resources […]


April 18, 2016

[Webinar] Onboarding for Success: 3 Steps to New Hire Productivity and Engagement

Everyone knows new hires need time to get up to speed at a company. But what if there was one thing you could do that would boost their productivity by 70%? You’d probably jump at the chance to make it happen, right? Right. Join us on Thursday, April 21, 2016, for our exclusive webinar, Onboarding for […]


April 6, 2016

4 Secrets for Growing Your Start-up Team (That No One Ever Tells You)

Fact: Start-ups and small businesses have limited resources. For that reason, the team you hire to make your big idea a reality plays an important role in your success. But finding the right people to help your company grow can be a challenging task, especially when early-stage founders and CEOs don’t always have the experience […]


March 10, 2016

How to Run Effective Team Meetings

Ah, the much maligned business meeting. There’s no other activity in the history of the American workplace that has inspired both widespread adoption and intense dread. Despite the reputation meetings have earned, there is still hope for rehabilitating them so they can one day serve as important tools for fostering communication and action. Want to […]