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reported, unreported, and allocated tips

January 23, 2019

Reported, Unreported, and Allocated Tips

If you work in the foodservice industry or receive tips from customers, you’re most likely familiar with reported, unreported, and allocated tips. As a brief refresher, reported tips are earned directly from customers through credit card charges or cash payments and reported to the employer. These tips are easy to track if paid via credit […]

Cities with the highest salaries

January 23, 2019

20 US Cities With the Highest Salaries

Ever been curious about the US cities with the highest salaries? Perhaps unsurprisingly, salaries range widely from location to location, making one’s home address arguably more important than one’s qualified skillset in terms of earnings potential. The national average salary, calculated across all occupations and all regions, is $50,620. But if you want to make more […]

ways to embrace AI in the workplace

January 22, 2019

The Growing Presence of AI in the Workplace

Artificial intelligence is coming to your workplace, whether you’re planning to incorporate it or not. Many small businesses can’t foresee justification for the cost of the technology, or the benefit of its use. But AI is in its infancy: business and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to adopt machine learning to enhance the working world. […]

hard skills vs. soft skills

January 18, 2019

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What to Look for in Job Candidates

When you interview a candidate for a job, which skills are you looking for? And how do you assess hard skills vs. soft skills? That might depend a lot on the position you need to fill. Perhaps you need an employee with a Master’s Degree in your field. Maybe you’re looking for someone who can […]

how to promote a more inclusive workplace

January 17, 2019

Steps to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive in 2019

In today’s world, employers are striving to create a more inclusive workplace. Although hiring for diversity is the first step, it shouldn’t stop there. To design an inclusive workplace, leadership teams need to first understand what the term means and how it’s different from diversity. What is the meaning of inclusion in the workplace? Most […]

building an employee handbook

January 16, 2019

Employee Handbook Examples You Should Steal From

If you haven’t spent time designing an employee handbook yet– you’re not alone. An employee handbook can be incredibly useful in building a positive workplace culture and employee loyalty, but it’s not an easy feat to write one. That’s why we’re breaking down the process for you and offering you six employee handbook examples. Often having […]

learning and development programs differ for men and women

January 15, 2019

Experiences in Learning and Development Programs Differ Between Men and Women

Even in today’s modern workplace, there are gender-based training gaps in learning and development programs. In fact, new research shows that “women are less aware than men that training opportunities exist in their organizations in almost every category of learning, and less information is passed down to them from those at the top.” Regarding data, […]

surviving cold and flu season

January 15, 2019

Surviving Cold and Flu Season (At Home and In The Workplace)

This is the first of a new series, Mompreneur, a column for working mothers, written by working mothers. First up: surviving cold and flu season. It’s the call every working mom dreads. Jimmy spiked a fever and is coughing. Susie’s tugging on her ear and won’t stop screaming. Do not pass GO, do not collect […]

Job offer letter samples and templates

January 10, 2019

Hiring? Use These Job Offer Letter Samples and Templates

A strong job offer letter is the first step in a successful recruitment process and creating a qualified workforce. It’s important for employers to map out a process for creating written offers and communication materials for prospective candidates and new hires. Failing to do so could result in losing top talent due to unorganized processes […]

pay transparency policies

January 10, 2019

How to Build a Company Around Pay Transparency

You’ve heard the buzz about companies large and small that publish employee’s wages in an effort to be transparent and validate wage equity. There are success stories and failures amidst the practice. Some research suggests wage transparency sparks productivity and drives employees to work harder and attain more goals. Determining whether pay transparency is right […]

Top leadership books for you and your team

January 9, 2019

Top 10 Leadership Books You (and Your Team) Should Read

Depending on your company and industry, the winter months can be relatively slow for businesses. What do we recommend to keep your employees engaged and growing as leaders? Curling up with an engaging book is a good place to start! Here are our top 10 picks for leadership books that you and your team should […]

How to handle dating in the workplace

January 7, 2019

How to Handle Dating in the Workplace

For HR professionals, dating in the workplace can be a tricky topic. It’s a problematic intersection between protecting employees from sexual harassment and remaining respectful and avoiding overbearing rules. Follow these best practices for regulating dating, setting boundaries, and maintaining a professional work environment. Can employers regulate workplace romance? Employers can regulate workplace romance by […]