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Office Gift Giving

December 15, 2017

What Do Employees Really Want this Holiday Season?

The holidays are here and companies are starting to get creative about how they will embody the holiday spirit in their offices and with their teams. Year-end bonuses, gift exchanges, and team bonding meals are a few ideas that easily come to mind about how business leaders choose to express the holiday spirit this time […]

Throw an Inclusive Holiday Party

December 14, 2017

How-to: Throw Inclusive Holiday Celebrations

The end of the year brings feelings of joy, good cheer, and, in many cases, stress. Employees are focused on end-of-year requirements at work plus planning for and celebrating the many holidays that fall in December and January, spending time with family and friends, attending religious services, and more. Although in many cases, celebrating holidays […]

AI in the workplace - bots

December 12, 2017

Thinking Outside the Bots: AI in the Workplace

When we hear the term “artificial intelligence,” our minds may jump to films like “Ex-Machina,” in which automated human replicants charm, excite, and ultimately, endanger the lives of real humans. Most of these sci-fi thrillers are wildly intriguing and offer boundless possibilities within this new frontier of human invention, but they also highlight society’s underlying fear […]

Top HR Blogs of 2017 - Trophies

December 11, 2017

Our Top 7 Blog Posts of 2017

We’re gearing up for the new year, but first we’re taking a look back at some of our most popular HR, employee benefits, and payroll blog posts of 2017. This year saw some noteworthy trends, including a heightened dependence on compliance resources, the rise of chatbots in HR departments across the nation, and a significant […]

Holiday Time Off Requests - Planner

December 5, 2017

The Most Wonderful Time of Year…for Time Off Requests?

With the holidays approaching, companies can expect to see an increase in their employees’ time off requests, and the question on everyone’s minds is can these requests be accommodated? While being able to use time off during the holidays is essential to employee satisfaction, companies may struggle to find fair ways to approve these requests […]


December 1, 2017

How To Create An Inclusive Company Holiday Policy

As colder weather sets in, your mind is probably turning to the upcoming holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… and the paid time off they typically bring, right? But, what about holidays that aren’t as high profile in the United States? Because employer-given holidays in America typically line up with our federal holidays, holidays […]