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Small Business Success Stories


March 1, 2016

How Finance and Ops Teams Are Making Data More Useful With Zenefits

FiscalNote is building a platform that allows organizations to better plan and execute their government risk strategy by leveraging real-time legislative and regulatory data, as well as cutting-edge machine learning analytics. As Fortune recently wrote, FiscalNote is aiming to use its software “to predict the future of law,” augment human predictions and, save businesses from […]

Kemo Sabe

February 9, 2016

How Kemo Sabe Triumphed Over Turnover with Zenefits

Kemo Sabe sells cowboy boots, belt buckles, and hats, but they’re not just another western wear retailer—they’re a matchmaker. When someone needs a Stetson, the Kemo Sabe staff ensures it’s the very best fit. If a cowboy’s got loose pants, dedicated personal shoppers will select an accessory to restore his swagger. Kemo Sabe’s three stores […]

Air Comm x Zenefits

January 26, 2016

How This CFO Streamlined A Growing Company’s Insurance with Zenefits

Which one of these things doesn’t belong on a modern CFO’s mind: productivity, profitability, or paperwork? When Fritz Van de Kamp joined Air Comm last Spring, there was a ton of paperwork, and health insurance, in particular, was “a complete mess.” Employees had been able to choose their own insurance plans, but nothing was standardized. […]


January 19, 2016

How A Design Agency Bridged the Digital Divide with Zenefits

Instrument is a digital creative agency with dream clients and culture. When Google needed an online campus for budding entrepreneurs, Instrument developed a network of intuitive websites. When Nike wanted to celebrate everyday athletes, Instrument designed cutting edge web tools. But when Instrument needed to onboard new hires, the company—known for its simple, elegant solutions […]