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February 2, 2016

How a CFO and HR Director Collaboratively Grew Their Company with Zenefits

People are a business’s most valuable asset, and, in most cases, its greatest expense. Because of this, a company’s workforce falls under both the HR and finance functions. While the CFO allocates the financial resources to deliver the company’s strategy, the HR director ensures the right people are in place to execute that strategy. And […]

Air Comm x Zenefits

January 26, 2016

How This CFO Streamlined A Growing Company’s Insurance with Zenefits

Which one of these things doesn’t belong on a modern CFO’s mind: productivity, profitability, or paperwork? When Fritz Van de Kamp joined Air Comm last Spring, there was a ton of paperwork, and health insurance, in particular, was “a complete mess.” Employees had been able to choose their own insurance plans, but nothing was standardized. […]


January 19, 2016

How A Design Agency Bridged the Digital Divide with Zenefits

Instrument is a digital creative agency with dream clients and culture. When Google needed an online campus for budding entrepreneurs, Instrument developed a network of intuitive websites. When Nike wanted to celebrate everyday athletes, Instrument designed cutting edge web tools. But when Instrument needed to onboard new hires, the company—known for its simple, elegant solutions […]


November 20, 2015

How Two Companies Built Simple, Scalable Onboarding Processes with Zenefits

When your business is growing fast, implementing an onboarding process for new hires is probably the last thing on your list of priorities. But as it turns out, building a solid foundation for new employees could dramatically boost employee retention, engagement, and increase productivity. In fact, research indicates that organizations with structured processes for onboarding […]