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how to set goals with your employees

October 18, 2018

How to Effectively Set Goals With Your Direct Reports

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed like summer would never end. Now it’s October. Halloween will be here in a few weeks. Then people will begin traveling for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays will creep up before you can say “After Christmas Sale.” In other words, the end of the year is quickly approaching. […]

improving people management skills like a boss

October 16, 2018

Celebrating Today as a Boss: How to improve your people management skills

While National Boss Day is usually an occasion for employees to celebrate the managers and business owners in their lives, the day actually presents bosses with a unique opportunity: the ability to celebrate National Boss Day by improving their people management skills. What better way to spend a day dedicated to bosses than by actively […]

how to create a performance management system

September 11, 2018

How to Construct the Perfect Performance Management System

You’ve started your own company after decades of dreaming about it. You’ve assembled a dream team and have begun raking in sales numbers like you’ve never dreamed of. Everything seems to be going along just fine until one of your employees starts to slack. His numbers drop and you must decide to either correct the […]

two co-workers in a performance management meeting

August 30, 2018

What’s an Employee Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

Whether you’re new to managing employees or on a path of developing your management skills, one central tenet of employee management is a process to help under-performers improve. After examining the financial cost of terminating an employee for poor performance and hiring someone else, choosing improvement over firing is a smart business strategy that any leader […]

first day at new hire training

August 22, 2018

New Hire Training 101

You’ve started your own small business– congratulations! You’ve mastered the hiring process and defined a company culture that’s able to attract top millennial talent. You have several teams all scheduled to start in the next couple weeks… and then it hits you. You have to put together a new hire training for your new team […]

hierarchy of managing people

August 20, 2018

First Time Managing People? Go Pro With These 3 Tips

One of the main reasons employees report leaving jobs is poor manager relationships. From feeling mismanaged to conflicts with management decisions, many things can make an employee-manager relationship turn sour. If this is your first attempt at managing people, these tips can help retain employees and keep conflict at bay. How do you manage people? […]

Fringe benefits include free food for employees

August 8, 2018

What Are Fringe Benefits? A Small Business Explainer Guide

When the market for talent shrinks, many employers review their benefits and perks in an effort to attract talent. The range of benefits companies offer can be vast – from basics like sick and vacation pay, to more specialized like health and wellness coverage. Most employers offer two types: essential benefits such as healthcare and fringe […]

No-cost fringe benefits

August 7, 2018

20 Low to No Cost Fringe Benefits that Engage and Retain

Offering benefits can be key to attract and retain talent in today’s tight labor market. But for small businesses, competing with the big players is tough. While on-site massages, fully stocked juice bars and nap pods may be off the table, there are a host of no-cost fringe benefits you can provide to boost employee […]

what does employee engagement mean?

July 31, 2018

What is Employee Engagement?

Managers have been talking about employee satisfaction for what feels like ages, but what’s this new topic called employee engagement that’s entered the HR lexicon in recent years? Even if you’re not entirely sure about what it is, there’s a chance you’ve heard about how low the numbers associated with it are—according to Gallup, “only […]


July 31, 2018

What Do Employees Want? Here are the Most Popular Employee Benefits in the Biz

Freud’s infamous question, “What do women want?” still remains somewhat of an unsolved mystery. Similar to this query is one that employers are constantly trying to debunk: “What do employees want?”. As the workplace landscape has changed, today’s employees seek different benefits than those of generations past. While today’s technology has eased so many workplace […]

What is employee engagement?

July 30, 2018

Understanding Employee Engagement (and How to Increase It)

When an employee is genuinely engaged, they are invested in their work and their company. However, truly engaged employees are a rarity. The State of the American Workplace 2018 report noted that only 33 percent of workers in the U.S. are engaged. That’s much better than the 13 percent average on a global scale, but […]

irregular shift schedules hurt both your team and sales

July 27, 2018

Is Unstable Shift Scheduling Hurting Your Sales?

Few things are predictable in business. Shop owners and proprietors can’t be sure whether a shipment of goods will arrive on time before a big sale, whether revenues will meet the projected goal by year’s end, or if employees will be available to work on a moment’s notice due to a last-minute scheduling change. For […]