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the employee onboarding process

March 13, 2019

5 Tips to Optimize Your Onboarding Process [+ Our Onboarding Quiz!]

Adding a new employee to your team can be just as stressful as it is exciting. You’re introducing a new factor into a process that is already running smoothly– how can you ensure things will continue as such without hiccups? Here are some tips for setting up new hires for success. What Is the Onboarding […]

employee engagement survey- coworkers together

March 7, 2019

How to Ask the Right Employee Survey Questions [A Guide]

Nebulous. Impossible to measure. Hard to influence. These are a few ways some employers think about managing employee engagement. But it shouldn’t be this way. An engaged workforce is consistently linked to profit, customer satisfaction and employee retention rates. In fact, Gallup reports that subtle differences in employee engagement can result in 21% greater profitability. Understanding […]

marijuana in the workplace policy

March 6, 2019

Should Your Company Have a Marijuana in the Workplace Policy? Use this Map of New State Marijuana Laws.

Cultures change. And when cultures shift, so do laws and so do workplaces. The legalization of marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes in individual states across the country is an example of a cultural shift — one that is likely to impact workplaces. However, many small business owners and HR professionals are grappling with how […]

Measuring HR: bringing people analytics to human resources

January 7, 2019

Measuring HR: Bringing People Analytics to Human Resources

A wealth of data has been at the fingertips of HR professionals itching to delve into it for valuable insight. Today’s HR professional is beginning to reap the benefits of the data collected from every step of the employee experience, from recruitment to retirement. Using big data and AI, professionals are measuring HR efficiencies, project […]

emotional intelligence at work

December 28, 2018

What is Emotional Intelligence at Work?

Until just recently, aptitude used to be all about the intelligent quotient, more commonly known as IQ. The working assumption until recently was that the higher a person’s IQ, the better they would be able to perform work. Therefore, recruiters would frequently look for traditional intelligence in candidates. Today recruiters are starting to put a […]

Here are some new ideas for employe retention strategies

December 14, 2018

Is it Time to Try out Some New Employee Retention Strategies?

As any savvy business owner knows, it costs your business less to retain its employees than it does to hire new ones. From job postings to interviews and training, the costs associated with employee turnover adds up. Whether you’re just getting off the ground and funds are tight or you’re simply looking to be smart […]

main causes for absenteeism and what to do about it

December 6, 2018

The Main Causes of Employee Absenteeism (and What to Do About It)

Many small business owners, particularly newer ones, might think that the hardest thing about employees is managing them– but what about managing the absence of them? Employee absence is a growing problem and one that can’t be fixed without first examining the root causes. Separate from legitimate days away from work because of illness, vacation, or […]

how to set goals with your employees

October 18, 2018

How to Effectively Set Goals With Your Direct Reports

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed like summer would never end. Now it’s October. Halloween will be here in a few weeks. Then people will begin traveling for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays will creep up before you can say “After Christmas Sale.” In other words, the end of the year is quickly approaching. […]

improving people management skills like a boss

October 16, 2018

Celebrating Today as a Boss: How to improve your people management skills

While National Boss Day is usually an occasion for employees to celebrate the managers and business owners in their lives, the day actually presents bosses with a unique opportunity: the ability to celebrate National Boss Day by improving their people management skills. What better way to spend a day dedicated to bosses than by actively […]

how to create a performance management system

September 11, 2018

How to Construct the Perfect Performance Management System

You’ve started your own company after decades of dreaming about it. You’ve assembled a dream team and have begun raking in sales numbers like you’ve never dreamed of. Everything seems to be going along just fine until one of your employees starts to slack. His numbers drop and you must decide to either correct the […]

two co-workers in a performance management meeting

August 30, 2018

What’s an Employee Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

Whether you’re new to managing employees or on a path of developing your management skills, one central tenet of employee management is a process to help under-performers improve. After examining the financial cost of terminating an employee for poor performance and hiring someone else, choosing improvement over firing is a smart business strategy that any leader […]

first day at new hire training

August 22, 2018

New Hire Training 101

You’ve started your own small business– congratulations! You’ve mastered the hiring process and defined a company culture that’s able to attract top millennial talent. You have several teams all scheduled to start in the next couple weeks… and then it hits you. You have to put together a new hire training for your new team […]