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August 28, 2015

Growing Pains: Three Ways HR Can Solve Your Startup’s Biggest Problems

Startups, take note: you can only hack through HR for so long. While hiring a person here or there and worrying about the rest later may work in your early days, the bigger you grow, the more you’ll start seeing mystery problems crop up. Teams with great people who aren’t getting much done. Turnover so […]


August 12, 2015

Holacracy: The New Management Framework Shaking Up the Workplace

Flat management. Lattice structure. Self-organization. Holacracy. In recent years, there have been a lot of stories about the so-called “best” management frameworks for businesses. Usually these discussions center around a well-known startup that has implemented one on the premise it’ll drive innovation, increase employee happiness, and boost growth. But a recent article about online retailer […]


March 7, 2015

7 Essential Principles for Growing Your Business

My grandmother, who lived in a remote village in Bangladesh, was barely five feet tall, skinny as a rod, and very soft-spoken. She could barely read or write and never had a formal education, yet she successfully managed a farming and sharecropping business, overseeing a network of farmers, merchants, and seasonal workers, all while raising […]