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May 26, 2016

The State of Time Off at Small Businesses

What’s the right time off policy for your company? How much time do employees need? How much time are other companies in your region providing? Are you offering enough time off to remain competitive? And when employees do take off – is any real work actually getting done by the rest of your team? If you’ve found yourself questioning […]


September 18, 2015

Paid Sick Leave: Is Your Policy Hurting Your Small Business?

This week, President Obama released an executive order mandating that all new federal contractors will be granted seven days of paid sick leave starting in 2017. What does this mean for my small business? Private businesses are not impacted. Currently, your private business is only required to offer unpaid, job-protected, long-term sick leave through the FLSA. Paid sick leave […]


July 8, 2015

5 No-Sweat Ways to Manage the Summer PTO Rush

Year over year, employees are earning—and taking—more and more time off, much of that during the prime summer vacation months. With more people stepping out of the office from May through September than ever before, how do you ensure that you’re still meeting your goals in spite of the summer PTO rush? We have a […]