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emotional intelligence at work

January 17, 2019

Is Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Become the Most Valuable Soft Skill?

EQ (emotional intelligence) is an incredibly valuable skill for leadership teams. Maintaining a high level of emotional intelligence in the workplace can help strengthen company culture along with several other essential values. According to Mariah DeLeon, Vice President of People at Glassdoor, “EQ will bring your company more engaged, committed employees. And that spells success.” […]

welcoming Gen Z in the workplace

January 14, 2019

Small Businesses Are Welcoming Gen Z in the Workplace

Running a small business comes with a wide set of challenges, not the least difficult being employee retention. However, a talent opportunity is emerging on the horizon for small businesses: Gen Z. Within the next two years, Gen Z—the generation that follows millennials—will comprise a whopping 20% of the workforce. For small businesses that have been […]

are expense reimbursements taxable?

December 17, 2018

Are Expense Reimbursements Taxable?

Typically, when your company sends you on the road, there are certain amenities they will help you pay for. But are these expense reimbursements taxable? As with many HR questions, the answer is yes and no. In most cases, expense reimbursements are not taxable. However, there are exceptions. The best way to comply with the […]

marijuana in the workplace policy

December 8, 2018

Should Your Company Have a Marijuana in the Workplace Policy? Use this Map of New State Marijuana Laws.

Cultures change. And when cultures shift, so do laws and so do workplaces. The legalization of marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes in individual states across the country is an example of a cultural shift — one that is likely to impact workplaces. However, many small business owners and HR professionals are grappling with how […]

what to know about third-party sick pay

November 28, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Third-Party Sick Pay

Employees who lose wages as a result of illness or a nonwork-related accident are eligible to receive disability payments, also known as third-party sick pay. This coverage is typically part of an employee’s benefits package as a way for employees who get sick, injured, or are temporarily disabled to receive compensation while out of work. […]

employee engagement survey- coworkers together

November 27, 2018

How to Ask the Right Employee Survey Questions [A Guide]

Nebulous. Impossible to measure. Hard to influence. These are a few ways some employers think about managing employee engagement. But it shouldn’t be this way. An engaged workforce is consistently linked to profit, customer satisfaction and employee retention rates. In fact, Gallup reports that subtle differences in employee engagement can result in 21% greater profitability. Understanding […]

compressed 9/80 work week

October 29, 2018

Breaking Down the 9/80 Work Week and What It Means for Employers

The traditional 40-hour work week has been the schedule model since the 1940’s. Around that time, Ford scaled back from a 48 to a 40-hour workweek because, “too many hours were bad for workers’ productivity.” Traditional workplaces are changing in all sorts of ways,  from unique fringe benefits to working from home options. Similarly, the 40-hour work week […]

How to boost morale going into fall

October 15, 2018

How to Boost Morale Going into Fall

As the days get shorter, the weather gets cooler, and PTO is used up, many employees face an undeniable slump in attitudes and productivity. This lack of motivation could be due to seasonal depression, change in weather, post-vacation blues, or the onset of busy holiday and family-related activities. Whatever the reason, here’s how to spot […]

types of employee leave, specifically parental leave

September 13, 2018

What Should I Know About Different Types of Employee Leave?

There’s no way around it– life gets in the way of work from time to time. Whether you’ve just had a baby, someone close to you has passed away, you’ve been summoned for jury duty or for a variety of reasons in between, chances are that eventually you or an employee will need a leave […]

education programs among some of the most popular fringe benefits

September 12, 2018

Top Rated Fringe Benefits in 2018 (and other statistics you should know)

As the labor market tightens and your small business is struggling to compete with the compensation packages of larger companies, what can you do to attract the right job candidates? We’re here to tell you it’s all in the fringe benefits. That’s why we collected data from over 600 small and midsize businesses to give […]


September 4, 2018

4 Supplemental Payroll Examples Small Businesses Should Know

Not every employee is the same. Similarly, not every item in an employee’s payroll will be the same– particularly when it comes to the complexities of supplemental payroll. Supplemental wages are part of an employee’s compensation that doesn’t fit into their normal wages. The types of compensation that can be categorized as supplemental payroll are […]

mobile workplace

August 29, 2018

A 401k FAQ – Answers to Your Employees’ Biggest 401k Questions

When it comes to seeking advice on our savings, we’re lucky to have dependable, trustworthy partners in the retirement planning space. To disseminate this helpful advice, we took to Twitter to chat back and forth with our friends at Guideline to share answers to these FAQs. Here are the most common 401k questions.  {Question 1} Hey […]