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October 14, 2016

Updates on Licensing

We’re excited to announce three developments in Zenefits’ ongoing efforts to move forward and lead the industry in licensing compliance. In a keynote address at Dreamforce this week, our CEO David Sacks showcased our new Salesforce app – called Licensing+ – which features best-in-class internal controls for insurance licensure. We previously wrote about these controls […]


October 12, 2016

Zenefits Receives an Editor’s Choice Award from PC Mag

Since 2013, it’s been our mission to make running and growing a business easier by automating some of the time-consuming processes and manual paperwork related to human resources. That’s why it’s such a great honor for us to receive an “Editors Choice” award and an “Excellent” rating in PC Mag’s Best Benefits Administration Tools of […]


October 10, 2016

How to Make this Election Season Fun and Educational for Employees

Nowadays, whether you are waiting in the line at your favorite coffee shop, clicking through TV, commuting to work, or scrolling through social media, you can’t avoid  one hot topic – the upcoming presidential election.    Where does this topic often fall quiet? For many of us, in the workplace. However, understanding voting rights and […]


September 29, 2016

3 Tips for Open Enrollment Success

My “normal” duties at Zenefits is to be a Senior Benefits Advisor and to write the “Ask Bud” column. This week I am proud to say I hosted my first ever webinar for Zenefits. It was exciting to connect with many of you in real time, and I was pleased to hear your topical questions. […]


September 26, 2016

Is My Small Business Ready to Provide Benefits?

Hi, my name is Darin Winter, and I’m a Small Business HR and Benefits Advisor at Zenefits. For the better part of two years, I have been writing insurance plans for over 250 small businesses to get their companies set up with the best benefits for their organization. From experience, I know that embarking on […]


September 26, 2016

An Open Letter to the Six Million Small Business Owners in America

My primary purpose in sharing what I’m about to write is to offer some free unsolicited advice that should help you manage and run your small business more efficiently and profitably, but more than anything else give you back hours of your life spent on mundane, and not to mention boring, repetitive tasks. Like you, […]