Customer Q&A: Zeel’s Take on Corporate Wellness

July 13, 2017

corporate wellness

We’re pretty lucky here at Zenefits. We get to work with amazing customers from all industries who – for lack of better words – are doing really cool things! So, we invite you to join us as we get up close and personal with our customers through our Q&A series. 

We live in a culture of instant gratification. With the click of a button, we can hail a car, order a coffee, and get cookies delivered. Thanks to our customer, Zeel, you can now also get massages on demand. Zeel is the first and largest Massage On Demand® company in the world, and what we love most about them is their passion for wellness – both at the personal and corporate levels.

We sat down with Zeel’s Director of Corporate Wellness, Veronica Bashbush, to talk massages, corporate wellness, and company culture. Check it out.

ST: What makes Zeel different from other massage companies?

VB: When Zeel started in 2010, we were a health and wellness booking service, but we quickly recognized an unmet need: customers wanted same-day, in-home massage. 55 percent of our massage requests were less than four hours in advance of the desired appointment time.

At that time, massages were booked days or weeks ahead — the spa industry just wasn’t set up for same-day service. That’s why we created the Massage On Demand category with Zeel. We now have over 9,000 licensed massage therapists in our network and are active in over 65 cities throughout the United States.

With Zeel, you can get a massage in as little as an hour – or any time that works for you – as early as 8am and as late as 10:30pm, 365 days a year. Our licensed, vetted Zeel Massage Therapists bring a massage table and supplies to your home, hotel, or office, so you can enjoy a five-star massage at your convenience. Booking is easy on the Zeel app for iPhone and Android or on We also offer the only in-home, on-demand massage membership, Zeelot.

ST: What does corporate wellness mean to Zeel?

VB: At Zeel, we believe in Powering Massage Everywhere®. That’s why we’ve been bringing our five-star massage services to workplaces and events since 2013, through Zeel Corporate Wellness. It means staying well where you are, whether that’s at work, at home, or on the road.

Zeel currently offers massage at over 1,000 workplaces. Our licensed massage therapists offer rejuvenating, healthful chair massages to grateful employees.

ST: What advice do you have for companies who currently do not have a wellness program in place?

VB: First, talk to your employees to see which wellness services they want! Feedback is very important. Many workplaces first contact Zeel because their employees express a desire for massages at the workplace.

ST: What’s your advice for companies who have little to no budget for corporate wellness?

VB: There are many ways to promote corporate wellness on a bootstrapped budget, from providing healthy snacks to encouraging employees to take the stairs. And in some cases, employees of businesses that offer FSA/HSA accounts can use their health accounts to pay for Zeel Massages at home.

Need help managing FSA and HSA accounts at your company? Zenefits can help.

ST: We all know massages feel great, but there are some health benefits associated as well. Can you share more on this?

VB: Massage offers many proven health benefits that are great for office workers. Regular massage can ease lower back pain and neck pain, decrease the incidence of headaches, boost the immune system (perfect for when that office cold is going around!), improve mood, and decrease stress. These perks come in handy both at work and in life.

ST: What can in-office massages do for company culture?

VB: Massage brings people together, by definition. It reduces stress and improves mood, and shows employees that they’re valued. Happier, more relaxed employees can do wonders for company culture and morale. Offering regular chair massages at the office can also increase employee retention — your teammates feel more loyal when their health is being taken into consideration.

ST: What type of feedback have you received from companies who’ve used your services? Are employees happier post-massage?

VB: We’ve received fantastic feedback from companies that have used Zeel. They inevitably tell us that the massages are a huge hit and that employees look forward to the break. For example, one customer, Natasha Hernandez at Twilio, said, “Everyone at Twilio is really excited when it’s Zeel Massage week. As soon as I send out the company-wide email, employees sign up. The spots fill up quickly and employees are pretty bummed out if they miss their window to sign up.”

Other companies who book Zeel chair massages regularly have mentioned a paradigm shift in mood afterward — leading to better teamwork and a more productive week.


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