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December 6, 2017

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Koa Sports

A lifelong fan of team sports, Tony Korson wasn’t ready to hang up his cleats after playing baseball at Florida Gulf Coast University. So he decided to start Koa Sports, a 501c3 youth sports organization with a simple, yet impactful mission statement: shaping kids’ lives through sports.” 

“[Our mission] means so much. It means helping kids battle through adversity. It means helping kids be better people on and off the field or court. It means engaging with the community and creating friendships …and sports happens to be the vehicle for teaching these life lessons,” says Korson.

Tony’s idea began as one man coaching a group of neighborhood baseball players. That vision quickly grew to a robust team of 11 full-time employees – and more than 300 part-time employees.

It’s no surprise that Tony and his team live, eat, and sleep sports. But it’s nearly impossible to run such a large organization with the varied administrative curveballs such as new employee onboarding, time tracking, and countless other considerations. In thinking back to these obstacles, Korson notes, “What we did before Zenefits was kind of crazy. We just kept a huge employee file, we made everybody fill out a paper job application, and they had to give us a voided check. It was a pretty big pain.”

Simply put, Koa Sports needed a paperless approach to HR.

“And then our Director of Operations at the time goes, ‘hey I found this cool thing called Zenefits,’” says Korson.

Tony and his team turned to Zenefits to automate the countless HR tasks they encountered on a daily basis. From the moment a new hire completes onboarding, he or she immediately becomes part of the team – and Koa Sports is all about working together.

When it’s time to look at employee info, the team doesn’t waste time in spreadsheets; they quickly find what they need with just a few clicks.

With Zenefits, new employees onboard themselves – entering personal information only once. A process that used to take hours now only takes minutes, meaning Tony’s team can get back on the field to do what they love. “It’s been awesome. It’s been a huge time saver for us,” says Korson.

While Tony says he’s saved countless hours through the Zenefits platform, the real trophy is the additional time his team is able to spend working with young athletes. Talk about a home run.  

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A Content Marketing Manager at Zenefits, Jordan has a lot to say about the nuances of payroll, benefits, and HR (and about the way we say it). He was raised by small business owners, so it’s no surprise that Jordan loves helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Category: Zenefits

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