3 Things That Could Be Harming Your Employer Brand

August 25, 2016

Employer brand plays a huge role in attracting the best candidates — but if you’re not careful, it can play an equally huge role in driving candidates away. If your talent acquisition efforts are falling short of the desired outcome, your employer brand may be to blame.

Here are three things that may be hurting your reputation with job seekers (and how you can fix it):

1) Sloppy Job Descriptions

Posts on job boards (like Indeed and Monster) are the nightclubs of the hiring world. Each one wants the best and most people to come inside. Your job description can either bounce people at the door, or invite them inside to learn more. Without the right message, the perfect candidate may walk right by, or worse, be encouraged to leave.

Do your research ahead of time, cover your bases, and honestly describe the position you’re hiring for in a succinct manner. Spending the extra time on a well-written job description will save you time, effort, and will boost your company’s reputation in the process.

2) Poor Careers Page

No passive job seeker will take the time to browse through your website if you force them through clunky pages with vague posts. In the off chance they decide to stick around, they’re forced into page after page of tedious HR applications.

Make your careers page clean, clear, and easy to use. If you have an area to search open positions, make sure it returns valid responses and lacks posts that don’t fit the query. That means crafting concise job descriptions matching the job seeker’s skills and qualifications.

3) Weak Candidate Experience

A candidate’s experience with your company can make or break their decision to join. From their initial impression of your application, to the actual face-to-face interview, every detail matters. Ghosting candidates (not returning a response) is the biggest offense during the hiring process. In fact, CareerArc’s recent survey uncovered that 72% of job seekers said that not being notified of the status of decision made on their application leaves a negative impression on that employer.

Be communicative! Keep candidates informed from the moment their application arrives, to the moment you come to a final decision. There’s nothing more nerve-racking than waiting to hear back from an employer about a potential job position – so don’t keep them waiting!

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Amanda Groves is the Marketing Manager at Jazz.co, powerful, user-friendly and affordable recruiting software that enables today's greatest people to build tomorrow's greatest companies. Jazz.co is also an integration partner with Zenefits, allowing customers to move from candidate to hire in seconds. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/ATSintegration

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