[Free Guide]: How Mobile is Transforming the Workplace

June 22, 2017

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We’re pretty hooked on mobile.

In fact, 47 percent of U.S. consumers admit they can’t last a day without their smartphone, according to survey conducted by Bank of America. What’s more, many consider their devices more important than daily staples such as coffee and television.

Mobile has clearly become intrinsic to our lifestyle, which is why it’s not that surprising that it has also weaved itself into the way we work. Thanks to mobile, the workforce is now able to connect, collaborate, and get work done from anywhere – and at anytime.

And while some people may think that mobile usage at work will lead to a decrease in employee productivity, studies have shown that’s simply not the case. For example, a 2016 Samsung survey of managers and executives found that mobile usage in the workplace actually increased productivity by 34 percent.

To learn more about how mobile usage can actually improve your business’ bottom line, check out our latest guide: How Mobile is Transforming the Workplace.

The guide covers:

  • Mobile’s impact on culture
  • Mobility and the blended workforce
  • How business apps are redefining the way we work
  • Mobile’s impact on business performance
  • And more!

Download the free guide now. 


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Category: HR Tips & Trends

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