Introducing James Brown, The Godfather of Payroll Tax Compliance

August 9, 2017

Category: Payroll

When you think of the Godfather, what comes to mind? Actually, wait…err..that’s not the image we’re trying to invoke. But one of a figure of authority? Now that’s the notion we’re channeling.

Cue James Brown, the Godfather of Zenefits Payroll. In the office, James is a boss when it comes to everything tax related. Have questions about your paycheck? Deductions? 401(k) contributions? James is your go-to man. It’s hard to catch Mr. Brown at a moment away from his payroll materials, but when we do, we pounce on the opportunity to ask him our most pressing questions. 

So, rather than spending countless minutes searching the answers to confusing tax and payroll related questions, we’re proud to unveil our latest mini-series to deliver the information you need, in the amount of time you actually have. Join us as we find James throughout our office, delivering bite-sized wisdom to you.

In this week’s episode, James walks us through unemployment tax, how it’s calculated, and how it applies to different employers. Check it out! 

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Category: Payroll

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