How do I sponsor an employee in need of an H1B visa?

2018 HSA contribution limit

H1B visas allow organizations to employ foreign professionals for specialty occupations for up to 6 years (10 for defense contract workers). Because US immigration is complex, your first step in sponsorship should be a visit to your legal team. You want to ensure all the necessary documents are properly filled out and fees paid.

The Particulars

H1B visas are convenient for foreign employees because they don't require the applicant to prove residency or intent to return to their home country, they allow dependents to stay with the visa holder, and they allow for free travel in and out of the US for the visa holder. A unique aspect of H1Bs is that they must be sponsored by the visa applicant's employer.

The Requirements

To sponsor an H1B, an employer must show:

  • The position requires knowledge gained through an upper-level educational institution, or special training.
  • The position requires a specific course of study.
  • The position requires a B.A. degree.
  • To be eligible for an H1B, an employee must demonstrate:
  • Full state licensure for the position, if it's required.
  • A completed degree in a field directly related to the position, or equivalent experience in the field.
  • Expertise in the field.

The Cost

Costs for sponsoring H1B visas depend on the size of the company. The fees include:

Final Tips

You can pay a premium processing fee to make sure the visa application is processed within 15 days. Otherwise, the application takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months process.

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