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November 2, 2016

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A deep dive into the HR Advisor service, now available with  Zenefits.


When we started Zenefits, we set out to solve what we saw as one of the biggest problems facing small businesses ⎼ a massive volume of administrative work caused by disparate systems and disconnected information. We’ve made significant progress addressing these issues for businesses with the launch of Z2, our all-in-one HR Platform.

However, in working with thousands of small businesses, we discovered something very interesting.  Many of our customers have unique needs and complex questions on HR issues. Here is just a sample of the types of advice our customers are looking for:  

If an employee gives two weeks notice are they entitled to take their remaining PTO during that time?

I’m reclassifying an employee from exempt to non-exempt.  How do I communicate these changes to them in a sensitive way?

How do I build a company culture employees can be proud of?

This wasn’t a need that we’d originally anticipated, but we quickly realized that there was an overwhelming demand for a reliable source of HR expertise.  We started meeting with many of our customers ⎼ our most valued source of feedback ⎼ to dig deeper and understand how they were currently addressing HR issues.

We found that companies tend to staff “generalists” on HR issues until they reach a certain tipping point, when they finally have the resources to hire specialists.  But while most generalists understand surface-level information about a broad number of topics, they lack depth of knowledge about any one topic in particular.  

Introducing HR Advisor

That’s why we decided to launch a brand new app called HR Advisor, our newest paid service that provides content, tools, and experts to help small businesses understand HR best practices and policies, stay compliant, and plan for the future.  

HR Advisor features a comprehensive library of attorney-sourced and maintained information, unlimited access to valuable productivity tools (from salary benchmarking to an employee handbook builder to a state law comparison tool), and an experienced team of advisors available to help you navigate even the most difficult HR issues.   

HR advisor


Pricing starts at just $5 per employee per month ⎼ giving you unlimited access to the kind of resources most small businesses have traditionally been unable to afford.  And for a limited time, you can try HR Advisor for free for one month.  

Click here to start your free trial today and check it out for yourself, or click here to download a brochure and learn more about HR Advisor.


Stefanie is a Product Marketing Manager at Zenefits, helping to inform and educate business owners and HR professionals about the myriad benefits of Zenefits. She was an attorney in a former life and is thrilled to have transitioned into a career where the default uniform is a hooded sweatshirt and jeans.

Category: HR Tips & Trends

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