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January 31, 2017

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For most of our customers, their dream job is building a business or helping people grow their careers. Unfortunately, paperwork and compliance obligations can turn into a full-time job (and one that’s a lot less fun). That’s why Zenefits was created — so that you can automate the hard stuff and get back to what you love.

Today, we’re excited to launch HR One, our latest innovations to help people like you focus on your dream. But first, let’s take a look at where we were just three months ago.

Before HR One, There Was Z2

At Zenefits, our mission is to make entrepreneurship easier. That’s why we launched the first true all-in-one HR platform with Z2. Z2 was a labor of love. We launched a new and improved HR platform, creating an app store experience that includes integrations from top platform partners  like Google, Slack, and eShares. We also revamped our benefits shopping experience and released Zenefits Payroll in Florida, California, Texas, and Washington. The result of it all? A more comprehensive HR platform.

We’re humbled by the positive feedback and industry recognition we’ve received since Z2. Our products have won nine awards in just three months.

But we weren’t ready to relax just yet after Z2. What can we say? We like to keep busy.

Here’s a closer look at what we’ve been working on and what we announced today with HR One:

Easing Compliance Pains

Small businesses spend over $83,000 in regulatory costs during their first year of business, and $12,000 each year thereafter, according to a 2017 survey by the National Small Business Association. That’s a lot of money. It’s also the reason why we launched the Compliance Assistant App.

What we love about the Compliance Assistant – the industry’s first and only integrated compliance app:

  • It tracks and manages federal compliance deadlines for benefits, payroll, taxes, and basic HR. It simplifies compliance for you so you can focus on your business.
  • It enables you to create custom deadlines and sync with your internal calendars (like Outlook and Gmail), as well as see the status of any compliance obligations you might have with employees.

The goal? To help take the burden of compliance off your shoulders. And based off this customer feedback, we think we’re on the right track:  

“Before Zenefits, I was concerned about compliance landmines and that we would miss critical steps in the onboarding and offboarding process. With Zenefits, I’m confident we’re on top of all the requirements. I also feel like I save a lot of time and avoid costly penalties,” said Tim Cailloux, Treasurer, Chattahoochee Hills Charter School. “I’m excited about Zenefits’ new Compliance Assistant app as it will help us stay ahead of the ever changing requirements in the coming year.”

Getting Organized

HR can get messy. From new-hire paperwork to handbooks and agreements, there are a lot of documents associated with each employee. Zenefits automatically collects these important documents, and with the Documents App, all critical documents are now centralized in one place – making it extremely easy to view and manage.

Some cool features:

  • The app automatically stores documents collected in Zenefits workflows (hiring, promotion, termination, etc.), creating a single document repository of all employees
  • HR administrators can quickly see the collected and missing documents for each employee, making it easy to track progress and fill in the gaps.
  • Administrators can also add new document categories and request documents from employees directly through Zenefits.

New Kids on the Block

Our partner-integrations were so well-received during our Z2 launch that we decided to bring on a few more! We’re excited to announce 10 new partners, for a total of 27 total platform integrations, and over 50 others in development.

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest partners to the Zenefits family:

  • 401(k): Principal Financial Group, Co-Pilot Powered by PAi
  • Productivity Tools: Box, Asana, Hive
  • Commuter Benefits: Lyft
  • Connector Applications: Zapier, Workato
  • Travel Planning: NexTravel
  • Employee Engagement: Giftedd
  • Custom Integrations: The API now allows customers to build private integrations with internal systems like POS and CRM systems.

Expanding Our Payroll Footprint

In 2017, we plan to make a big mark on payroll. Our goal is to offer Zenefits Payroll in 30 states by summer and nationwide by the end of the year. To kick things off, Zenefits Payroll will be accepting customers in five additional states starting March: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona. Customers who sign up in March will be able to run their first payroll of Q2 with us in April. 

These five new states are in addition to what we already have available in California, Washington, Texas and Florida. Want to see what our customers say about Zenefits Payroll? Take a look.  

Updated Mobile Features

With more than 20 percent of employees accessing Zenefits via their mobile phones, we decided to update our award-winning iPhone and Android mobile apps with some new features, including:

  • Employee access to HR documents
  • Ability to easily submit time sheets
  • New inbox for notifications on HR-related action items

Simplified Pricing Plans

We also introduced a new simplified pricing model, which bundles the majority of our apps into four competitively priced packages, including a free plan with basic HR and benefits administration.

We also remain committed to supporting social entrepreneurship nationwide and value the amazing contribution that nonprofits bring to their communities. As a result, Zenefits will offer a 25 percent discount to the hundreds of nonprofits already on the platform.

What’s Next?  

It’s been an amazing few months. We’re excited about our latest products and partners – and we hope you are, too.

Visit our resources page for the latest updates, upcoming events, and webinars.


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