How This CFO Streamlined A Growing Company’s Insurance with Zenefits

January 26, 2016

Air Comm x Zenefits

Which one of these things doesn’t belong on a modern CFO’s mind: productivity, profitability, or paperwork? When Fritz Van de Kamp joined Air Comm last Spring, there was a ton of paperwork, and health insurance, in particular, was “a complete mess.” Employees had been able to choose their own insurance plans, but nothing was standardized. Contributions were all over the place, and payroll deductions didn’t always happen.

“There was a lot of effort on the part of the employees and our president, Trent Giffin, to enter information into the accounting system—a lot of back and forth. We knew we had to get on a group health plan,” remembers Fritz.

Air Comm needed a health insurance plan with a national network of providers for their employees in Arizona and Utah. While shopping for a broker, they saw that Zenefits came with a free HRIS that could help them with onboarding. With the goal of streamlining their health insurance and eliminating all the employee paperwork, Fritz saw this as a win-win opportunity.

Simplified onboarding + enrollment = time savings

Trent used to spend his time personally guiding each employee through the process of choosing plans. Now, employees get self-service plan information through their portals and enroll with the click of a button. In the past, plan selection could take weeks, but with Zenefits, 80% of employees chose their insurance in two days. “The basic premise of having services in one place for everyone has proven to be a great change,” says Fritz.

“Considering all the logistics of healthcare, I’d say Zenefits saves us 5-10 hours a month.”

Air Comm also saves significant time with onboarding. Before Zenefits, new hire paperwork bounced around from the president to the accounting person to the payroll provider. “Now the onus is on the employee to go into the portal, and their info just gets distributed,” says Fritz. “That’s a lot of time savings—3-4 hours worth of work per person.”

Better visibility into healthcare spending

These days, “the medical plan runs itself.” New employees can accept or decline coverage and enroll in a couple clicks. All the info is synced with payroll. Air Comm can set standardized premium contributions in an organized way. “There’s now visibility into how much we’re spending and deducting. All that was a complete black box when I came on board,” says Fritz.

“We know exactly what our healthcare costs are. And, employees know exactly what they’re getting and how much it’s costing.”

Air Comm is growing, and they’ve hired 5 new employees since getting Zenefits this past summer. By automating their paperwork and having greater visibility into their spending, the small business has saved time and money. Now Fritz, Trent, and the team can focus on what matters—driving productivity and profitability as they build up their business.



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