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September 29, 2017

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As a platform that’s built to empower people, Zenefits delivers a best in class employee experience to your team–regardless of role, department and experience level. At SHIFT, Zenefits’ first ever Culture Conference, we revealed how we’re architecting workplace software of the future that gives your employees the tools they need to be successful (both in and out of the office). We’re excited to share with you the many ways in which Zenefits equips people to have the most seamless, frictionless connection with their every HR need. Among those HR components? A smooth payroll experience.

Zenefits Pay Connect: More Transparent Than Ever

We’ve always offered customers a way to connect their existing payroll system to their HR and benefits on Zenefits — but after diligently collecting feedback from users, we’ve launched something more beautiful and more advanced than ever before: Zenefits Zenefits Pay Connect.

Zenefits Pay Connect automatically activates with your HR and benefits apps seamlessly. Each payroll impacting change associated with benefits will be tracked and presented to your payroll administrator — and it’s all done simply. Deductions are passed to payroll, providing an unparalleled employee experience, and employees no longer need to worry about their personal updates slipping through the cracks with several stakeholders.

The two primary versions in which we deliver these updates include:

  1. Checklist (formerly Payroll Reports): saves you from playing detective and organizes your workflow for you.
  2. Sync: Captures your changes and automatically passes them over.

Regardless of which version you’re on, you will get full transparency into what’s changing and when.

Old way of processing payroll modifications:

  • An employee wants to change something (anything from a withholding, their 401k contribution, etc);
  • The employee then finds their admin to request the change;
  • The admin is then tasked with tracking that information in a spreadsheet, an email, a post-it note, etc.;
  • The admin must later dig it up and update it into payroll on the correct date.

The Zenefits way:

  • Your employee makes their change self-serve, without making the admin play middleman;
  • Zenefits presents the admin with a list of changes in payroll OR syncs them over directly (depending on which version you’re using).

A glimpse at Sync:

A glimpse at Checklist:

If you’re in need of a payroll system — Zenefits Payroll is now in 30 states with even more coming at the end of this year. 


Happy with your current payroll system? Great! You can maintain it and integrate with Zenefits Pay Connect to bridge the gap between the two systems.

Interested in seeing Zenefits Pay Connect in action? Chat with an HR consultant today to learn more.


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Category: Payroll

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