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October 18, 2016

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In many ways, Z2 represents a beginning. For small businesses, it’s the dawn of a new era in HR, one that frees entrepreneurs from manual work, so they can focus on meaningful work. For Zenefits, it’s the culmination of many months of effort, transforming our solution into the first truly all-in-one HR platform, with everything small businesses need. We’ve re-imagined Zenefits as the first total HR App Experience, adding great new products and improving existing ones, while making everything faster and more stable.

We are incredibly excited to showcase the highlights of the new Zenefits platform, and can’t wait for our customers to experience it.


New Dashboard

We’ve completely redesigned the Zenefits dashboard to feature “apps” for each major function like Payroll, Hiring, Health Benefits, etc. The new look and feel makes it even more accessible and intuitive for new users, and transforms Zenefits into an App Experience.



Expanding on our philosophy of making Zenefits more accessible, we’ve now added a new search bar to the top of the dashboard. You can find and quickly access employee profiles, Help Center articles, and Zenefits apps.


Integrated Apps

A major part of Z2 is the addition of new integrated apps on the Zenefits Platform. We’re excited to launch with 17 popular business apps and look forward to adding even more partners and capabilities. These new additions are what makes Zenefits a truly all-in-one solution for small businesses.

Your integrated apps sit right alongside Zenefits apps in your dashboard, and are interwoven into key HR processes, like hiring, promotion, or termination. So the next time you hire someone with Zenefits, you’ll be able to easily set up that new hire’s accounts in the integrated apps that you use, right within the hiring flow. The power of the Zenefits platform is the ability to share information between apps, eliminating work for you — and now that has been extended to all of the integrated apps on our platform as well.

We are proud to present our launch partners which feature a diverse range of capabilities:


Zenefits Payroll

We’re excited to announce that Zenefits Payroll is now available to small businesses in California, with other states to follow shortly. Our payroll app is an all-in-one system that works with all the other apps that you use in Zenefits — like HR, health benefits, or time off. This connectivity means that every change you or your employees make in Zenefits gets updated in payroll instantly, with all of the number crunching done for you. It’s payroll that runs itself.

If you’re interested, sign up here.

Health Benefits:

Finding the right health plan is essential for you and your employees’ well-being, which is why we’ve revamped how you choose and renew your employee health benefits. We’ve created a new plan shopping experience that allows you to browse and filter plans based on things like average premium or deductible. Finding the best plans for your business is now as easy as booking a flight online.

We’ve also overhauled our renewals process to make it easy to compare plans side by side and see how costs and coverage has changed. Our benefit advisors also provide recommendations on alternative plan packages if you’re looking to explore more options.

HR Advisor

HR Advisor is a brand-new paid service we’re launching with Z2, designed to help you solve all of the tricky and complex HR obstacles a small business may face. It features a comprehensive library of attorney-sourced and maintained HR information and access to valuable productivity tools. Subscribers can also speak to HR experts that are available to help you navigate the most difficult HR issues.


Hiring is one of the most common and critical HR tasks for any business. We’ve made it a lot easier to get set up with the Hiring app for the first time. You’ll now have a step-by-step flow to customize your hiring to your particular business, with custom offer letters, employee agreements and background checks.

We’ve also redesigned the hiring experience itself. Whenever you hire a new employee in Zenefits, you’ll be taken through a new guided experience that will tell you exactly what’s happening, every step of the way — so you can see exactly what benefits a new hire will be eligible for upon starting, for example.  

Time Off:

With Time Off, we upgraded the entire experience for admins to make things easier and more transparent. So we’ve added a new Overview page that shows you important information like pending time off requests, who’s out, what your PTO liability is, and more.

In addition, we are now offering prepackaged policies for vacation, sick, and personal leave that are compliant with regulations (starting with CA, with more states to follow). So if you don’t know where to start when designing your own time off policy, we’ve got you covered.

Time & Attendance:

Our Time & Attendance app has been rebuilt from the ground up, making it even easier for you and your employees to log and approve hours. We are also introducing the ability to add project codes and customized meal break settings, so that your Time and Attendance policies are tailored to your business needs.


With mobile, we wanted to put all-in-one HR in the palm of your hand, so we’ve made a big upgrade to our iPhone app and introduced a new Android app.




  • Health Benefits: look up your insurance information across Medical, Dental and Vision
  • Life & Disability: view policy and coverage details*
  • Employee Directory: find and contact coworkers through text, email or phone call
  • Time Off: view vacation balances, time off policies and make time off requests
  • Time & Attendance: hourly employees can clock in, clock out and take breaks
  • Inbox: take care of important HR tasks on the go*
  • Payroll: Zenefits Payroll users can view their paystubs
  • Flex Benefits: View balance details for your HSA, FSA and Commuter accounts


*iOS only
We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are! Login to experience your all-in-one HR platform and say hello to your new Zenefits.



**This post was modified on 4/25/2017


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