Announcing the New Zenefits Executive Team

February 18, 2016

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As I talked about the other day, we are refocusing ourselves around new values and a new strategic vision. Each and every person on the Zenefits team is critical to that effort.

To help lead this new direction and help us deliver on our promise to help small businesses hire, manage, and grow, I am pleased to announce Zenefits’ new executive team (in alphabetical order by last name):

Arisa Amano, VP of Product Management — I’m excited to promote Arisa to Vice President of Product Management. Arisa has already been doing an amazing job managing both the Product Management team for HR products and the Product Marketing Team. In her new role, the other Product Management teams and the Design team will also report into her. Previously, Arisa was Director of Product Marketing at Yammer and Microsoft and also worked at companies including VMware and MTV Networks.

Abhijeet Dwivedi, Chief Strategy Officer — I’m happy to promote Abhijeet to the role of Chief Strategy Officer. Abhijeet is the best cross-functional problem solver in the company, and this new role will expand his ability to do that. Abhijeet will also retain his important initiatives around data quality. Previously, he worked at McKinsey and the World Bank.

Peter Fishman, VP of Growth & Analytics — I’m excited to promote Peter to own not just Analytics, but also Growth. In this new role, all of our Paid Marketing programs and team will report into Peter. I look forward to his applying both his creativity and analytical rigor to optimize our marketing spending. Previously, Peter was Director of Analytics at Yammer and Principal Data Science Manager of Microsoft Office Analytics. Prior to joining Yammer, he worked at Playdom/Disney and as a statistician for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rita Garg, VP of Business Development — In her six months at the company, Rita has done an amazing job owning Zenefits’ most important business relationships, and I’m excited to promote her to the Executive Team. Previously, Rita was the Global Director of Business Development at Twitter, and also worked at MySpace, Google, the Wall Street Journal, and McKinsey.

Jeff Hazard, VP of Sales and Agency Principal Agent — I’m happy to promote Jeff to be in charge of all of our sellers. In this role, he will ensure that we have a high-integrity sales organization that is properly licensed in every state where we do business. Previously, Jeff was at ADP, where he was the divisional vice president of sales. In his 16-year tenure at ADP, he bridged the gap between product and sales, serving as a liaison between the two groups and enhancing communication and cross-functional collaboration.

Jessica Hoffman, VP of Communications — Jessica started less than a month ago, but has done such a great job that we are promoting her to own not just communications, but also all of the company’s “Earned Marketing” initiatives, including events and branding. Previously, Jessica was VP of Global Communications for SquareTrade, where she helped build a global consumer brand for the mobile protection plan leader. She was also the co-founder of JHS Partners, a marketing and communications practice that worked with clients such as University of Phoenix, MarkMonitor, and Cartera Commerce. Before that, Jessica served as VP of Marketing at, where she led communications for the company’s international expansion and marketing for the enterprise software division.

Tom Martinez, VP of Sales Operations & Sales Development — I’m excited to promote Tom to own not just Sales Operations, but also Sales Development. In this role, all of the non-sellers in our Sales organization will report into him. Tom and Jeff are already a great tag-team leading our sales team forward. Previously, Tom spent eight years at where he served as the Vice President of Global Sales Strategy and Operations.

Eric McCluskey, VP of Financial Planning & Analysis — We are fortunate to have Eric running the Finance organization, which includes Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Accounting. Prior to joining Zenefits, Eric led FP&A for and MongoDB. Before that, he was at SuccessFactors where he helped take the company public in 2007 and helped it through its acquisition by SAP in 2012.

Colin Rogers, VP of Carrier Relations — Colin continues to manage our relationships with carriers, and I’m excited to promote him to the Executive Team. Colin has spent close to 20 years in the health insurance industry. Initially with Accenture Consulting, Colin helped construct what was, at the time, a new practice in Consumer Driven Healthcare. Following Accenture, Colin continued his focus on transparency and consumer-facing tools with Revolution Health Group. Colin then transitioned to Extend Health (now Towers Watson OneExchange) where he lead their carrier services capability, in what would become the nation’s oldest and largest private Medicare Exchange.

Patrick Saeger, VP of Operations — Patrick continues to run our Operations organization, which includes Implementation, Account Management, Customer Support, Product Operations, and Carrier Operations, and do sowith an absolutely incredible work ethic. Patrick’s experience spans 20 years of working with premier Silicon Valley growth companies such as: SuccessFactors (acquired by SAP) where he was responsible for the worldwide customer success organization; and Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP Software) where he led their award-winning global customer support organization.  

Hillary Smith, General Counsel — We’re fortunate to have Hillary as our General Counsel. Previously, Hillary spent five years as General Counsel at SuccessFactors, Inc. now part of SAP. Before that, Hillary was General Counsel of Right Media, acquired by Yahoo!, and DoubleClick Inc. In 2012, she was ranked among the Most Influential Bay Area Women, and in 2004, she was honored by the NY County Lawyers Association.

Laks Srini, Chief Technology Officer — Laks continues to run the Engineering team, and nobody in the company knows this product better. As you all know, Laks is a co-founder of the company. Previously, he served at SigFig and D. E. Shaw & Co.

Josh Stein, Chief Compliance Officer — Josh was named Chief Compliance Officer last week, and we are very fortunate to have him in this role to ensure best-in-class compliance moving forward. Previously, Josh served as our VP of Litigation, Regulatory Affairs, and Public Policy. Prior to Zenefits, Josh worked as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel at OptumRx, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group. He’s also served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, a federal judicial clerk, and an Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Army.

Mark Woolway, VP of Corporate Development & Business Operations — I’m excited to promote Mark to the Executive Team. In addition to his previous duties managing corporate development, office management/ facilities, and HR, Mark also will be responsible for the Recruiting team. Previously, Mark was COO of Intercom, and Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Yammer. Prior to Yammer, Mark served as Managing Director of Peter Thiel’s hedge fund, Clarium Capital, and Thiel’s personal investment operations. Earlier in his career, Mark was Vice President of Corporate Development at PayPal.

I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such an experienced and talented team of executives, and know they will bring tremendous value to the company, to employees, and to the customers we serve.



David was the interim CEO of Zenefits in 2016. He is an Internet entrepreneur who was the founding CEO of Yammer and original COO and product leader of PayPal. He also produced the award-winning independent film Thank You For Smoking. He is an angel investor in tech companies like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Houzz, SpaceX, and Palantir.

Category: Zenefits, Trending

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