New Zenefits mobile app puts HR in your pocket

June 2, 2016

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Life happens outside the office — you might be at the doctor’s office, at home spending time with family, or out planning a weekend getaway with friends. And as life would have it, you run into situations where you need to communicate with someone from your office or lookup important HR information, such as insurance details.

The problem is that all your HR information is lost in emails, paperwork or fragmented across multiple systems. You never have access when you need it most.

That changes today with Zenefits for Mobile available on iOS.

What’s New

We’re putting HR in your pocket – Access your summary of benefits information, request time off, check your flexible benefit accounts, and connect with your co-workers all from your phone with one simple app. Life happens outside the office, so take your HR benefits with you.
Zenefits for Mobile Overview

  • Schedule time off – check your time-off balance and submit requests in a few swipes
  • View your summary of insurance benefits  – see what’s covered, and quickly access your policy number, deductible, and more
  • Track your flex benefits – check account balances for FSA, HSA and commuter benefits, and replace lost benefit cards in seconds
  • Review your pay stubs – track income, deductions, and taxes by pay period or year-to-date (Note: Available for Zenefits Payroll customers)

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