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May 5, 2016

Onboarding Best Practices That Benefit New Hires and Your Business

You’ve interviewed tons of candidates and finally found the right person for the job. You extend an offer and she accepts. Your work is done, right? Wrong. In reality, recruiting a candidate is just one part of an effective onboarding program. If you want to set your new hire up for success on day one […]

PEO Considerations

May 4, 2016

What’s the Average Employer Benefit Contribution?

Dear Bud, I own a design agency, and we aren’t typically in the practice of comparing ourselves to other agencies. However, there’s one area in which I’m really curious about how we stack up. Can you reveal some data about average employer benefit contribution? Not to sound immodest, but I think we offer an excellent […]

Birds Barbershop

May 3, 2016

How an Austin Barbershop Styles Hair and Cuts Paperwork

When Michael Portman moved to Austin, TX, he asked his lifelong friend Jayson Rapaport to recommend a place to get a haircut. In that moment, the duo imagined an update to the old-time community barbershop—an authentic, affordable, and welcoming space that respects its people and celebrates individuality. Ten years, eight locations, and 150 employees later, […]

small business small town

May 2, 2016

Recognizing the Big Impact of Small Business Owners

Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, I often walked to school with my older sisters.  Our journey took us down the main street, which was always a source of great interest to me with the shop owners out in front cleaning windows and preparing sidewalk bargain displays. One of those shop owners was […]

PEO Considerations

April 29, 2016

How Do Brokers Choose Insurance Plans?

Hi Bud, How do brokers choose which health insurance plans my company should offer? There are so many variables! Curious About Brokers Hi C.A.B., Earning the title of Trusted Benefits Advisor begins with some detective work: I gather facts, study demographics, solicit responses from employees (about physicians and hospitals used), and analyze company characteristics. This […]

Handson Bay Area nonprofit

April 26, 2016

How One Nonprofit Drives Hands-On Volunteers With Hands-Off HR

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to an abundance of volunteer opportunities, but logistics often keep would-be do-gooders from taking the time to pitch in. HandsOn Bay Area has been connecting people to volunteer opportunities and strengthening local communities since the late 1980s. In 2015, HandsOn Bay Area worked with over 16,000 volunteers to […]