[Free eBook] 20 Questions to Help Leaders Tackle Top Employee Challenges

August 14, 2016

As a leader, you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. And while you’re likely keeping strong focus on the growth of your product (read: sales), you may not always be sure of the best ways to grow other areas of your company—namely, your people.

Here’s the thing: To unlock future growth, your team is your greatest asset. And like most great assets, the more you invest in them, the more they’ll return for you.

To help business leaders and their teams succeed, we’ve developed a free guide: The People Ops Playbook.

In this eBook, you’ll learn the top 20 people operation challenges that could be stalling your growth, as well as unique ways that CEOs, cofounders, and executives have tackled them. You’ll also get recommendations for tools, apps, and systems that can help you manage, analyze, and improve on your growth challenges—giving you a simple way to implement solutions. 

From how to recruit the best team, to knowing what equity to offer, to managing remote employees, the People Ops Playbook shares advice from 20 business leaders who’ve been there. Heed their advice, and help your greatest assetyour peoplethrive.

Download The People Ops Playbook today to discover:

  • What top business leaders say about the link between people and business growth
  • Why a strong team is central to your company’s long-term growth
  • Which tools to use to simply and scalably put best practices into place
  • Compelling stats to help build your case for change


If you’ve been pondering the answers to employer questions like the ones below (plus 15 more!), then this guide is for you.

In today’s competitive hiring environment, how do I help my company stand out?

How do I make my compensation package competitive?

Everyone values transparency, but how transparent should we really be?

When is the right time to hire HR?

How do I keep my employees engaged during periods of rapid growth?

While growing pains in your business can’t be altogether avoided, having a “people ops playbook” to sort through issues when they do arise can position you for continued growth. Download the free guide today, and prepare yourself for a stronger tomorrow.


Deanna is the Director of Content Marketing at Zenefits, where she enjoys bringing our mission to 'make entrepreneurship easier' to life through programs that champion the voice of small businesses and empower them to thrive in today's economy.

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