Reductions in workforce, performance management, and terminations

June 12, 2018

Category: 12 Minute Tuesdays

Just like in gardening we will all face the need to remove weeds from our organization. Whether it’s because you have too many staff or certain members of the team are underperforming. Danny Speros, Director of HR Advisor Services and SPHR at Zenefits will share during this episode of 12 Minute Tuesdays how to properly handle RIFs, Performance Management, and Termination. Learn more about Zenefits HR Advisors.


Danny Speros is Senior Manager of HR Products and Services at Zenefits, where he enjoys advising clients on their human resources questions and needs. After working for more than 17 years in HR and small business leadership, Danny draws on his experience to help in a wide variety of situations and loves constantly learning new things.

Category: 12 Minute Tuesdays

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