How to Spread Holiday Cheer in the Office Without Breaking the Bank

Office Cheer During holidays

‘Tis the season to be stressed? No, but unfortunately yes. The holidays are the most celebrated time of year, but for HR and business leaders whose job it is to do their actual job and provide holiday spirit to the entire company, it can get a little overwhelming. Here are some quick, easy, and affordable ways to spread positive holiday energy in the office.

  • Use Pinterest crafts to decorate the office! Not only can these be wildly inexpensive compared buying decorations, but they are also very easy to do. This could even be made into a holiday employee event by allowing employees to participate in a “DIY Day.” Having time away from the desk to focus on light-hearted projects that create a great atmosphere in the office can be a great bonding occasion. Make it even more special by grabbing enough supplies to allow employees to take home some of their creations too!
  • Have an in-office holiday party. In 2013, Twitter spent $73,100 to rent S.F. City Hall for a holiday party. Bringing the Holiday Party in the office allows for saving big bucks on space rental! All those saved dollars can go into other ways to make the party pop. Food, a photobooth, decor, and gifts for employees can be just as thoughtful, if not more thoughtful, while remaining relatively inexpensive compared to renting a venue.
  • Draw names and give participants a low set spending limit to buy gifts for the people they draw names for. Whether it’s a white elephant exchange among teams or drawing for the whole office, this could give your employees a chance to connect with members of the organization they usually don’t. Have each employee create a “wish list” profile of things they like or that embody their personalities and give access to everyone participating so they can give their giftee something they’ll love.
  • Do a “Holiday Bar” complete with all the fixings! Hot Cocoa, marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, teas, eggnog, brownies, and cookies are just a few snacks that can be added to make a delicious festive in office break!
  • Play reindeer games! Getting people active and moving has multiple benefits! It allows for great team bonding, gets the teams’ bodies and minds flowing so there’s a great health benefit, and they’re relatively simple and inexpensive. Relays, a rotation of board games, and holiday-themed games are sure to bring the holiday spirit up a notch.
  • Hold a Holiday donation drive. Help employees shed the material burden of the holidays by allowing them to participate in something impactful beyond themselves. Pick a cause that the overall team could relate to and be clear about what types of things are accepted in the drive. Set the deadline, keep the reminders coming and watch the spirit of kinship thrive in this season of togetherness.   

The great part about these tips is almost all of these can be planned in a few days time if need be. If employees are feeling pressed and worn out after the whirlwind of a year everyone has had, make their spirits bright with one of these ideas.
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