Test Your HR IQ: The HR Grader Quiz

April 18, 2019

Category: HR Tips & Trends

HR grader quiz

Human resources is a department that’s difficult to measure. Sales teams are measured by quota attainment, marketing teams by web traffic or lead generation, and even recruitment teams can be measured by applicant pool size and conversion-to-hire metrics.

But what about HR?

In an effort to give HR professionals a little something to get their teeth into, we developed the HR Grader Quiz.

Take this 15-question quiz (in fewer than 5 minutes) to assess your HR prowess within three main areas:


Jean Spencer is the Managing Editor at Zenefits. She’s a prior journalist, a current marketer, and always an entrepreneur. Her first job was selling homemade puzzles (cardboard boxes, painted, cut up, and assembled into plastic baggies) at the bottom of the driveway for $0.25.

Category: HR Tips & Trends

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