The Daily Rundown: A Different Kind of Hockey Fight

July 11, 2019

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Today, Boston considers a holiday, a work spat goes viral, and a tax credit is floated to make a $15 minimum wage attractive.

Boston Considers Making Election Day a Holiday

Would more people vote if they didn’t have to work? Some in Boston certainly think so. The city is considering a proposal to make election day a holiday.

Multiple states have attempted to make election day a holiday. Recently, New York state mandated employers provide three hours on election day to allow employees to vote.

The Number: 14%. Fourteen percent of non-voters said they skipped because of a conflicting schedule.

The Quote: “Voting during the workday limits the participation of those unable to afford to take time off work.

When Work Conflicts Get Push Notifications

A workplace conflict over a missing payment exploded into public when the aggrieved worker accidently sent his demand for $6,000 in wages as a push notification to users of the American Hockey League app. It’s a pretty funny story.

The Number: 30,000. Approximately 12-15 push notifications were sent out to 30,000 users of the app.

The Quote:Stewart Zimmel. Since I have no way to contact you are you owe me nearly $6,000 I would ask you to contact me about payment. Also, I’m filing a workplace report against you for threatening to punch me in the throat nemours times.

Congress Floats Tax Break for Small Business in $15 Min Wage

As several Democratic lawmakers in Congress continue to push for a bill to increase the minimum wage nationally to $15 per hour, some are suggesting a tax credit for small businesses. The idea is to make the bill more palatable by helping small business absorb the labor costs.

The Number: $10 billion. Some lawmaker aides said the price tag for the credit could be $10-40 billion.

The Quote: “I represent an area that cannot absorb a $15 minimum wage as fast as other areas of the country that are perhaps a little more economically robust.”


Jesse Noyes is Head of Content for Zenefits. He started out as a business reporter before beginning a career in marketing. Jesse is naturally curious not only about the work people do, but why they do it. His first job was building freestanding stone walls in his home state of Maine.

Category: The Daily Rundown

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