The Weekly HR Roundup: Expert Tips to a Merry Holiday Season

December 17, 2015

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… that tends to present quite a few HR challenges. But no need to get your tinsel in a tangle, our favorite HR elves are here to help!

Here are five outstanding blogs to help you get through any obstacle you might face this holiday season:

  • How to Stay Motivated During the Festive Season (The Undercover Recruiter)
    With the abundance of holiday parties, gift shopping, tree lightings, etc., it’s no wonder it can be difficult to focus on work during the holiday season. If your employees (or even you) are having a hard time concentrating in the office, check out Ruby Lowe’s six tips on how to stay focused during the end-of-year sprint.
  • HR Rules for Your Holiday Party (Laurie Ruettimann)
    Along with the company holiday party often comes the fear of HR consequences. So much so, in fact, that many companies have begun to avoid the practice altogether. But eliminating the party is not the answer. Laurie Ruettimann argues that you can still throw a rockin’ holiday party while remaining HR compliant.

    If you do take Laurie’s advice, check out our tips for planning a company holiday party your employees actually want to attend!
  • What’s More Important to Give to Employees, a Gift Card or a Pat on the Back? (Talent Culture)
    December is a time for showing employees your gratitude. But which is more important: reward or recognition? As it turns out, there is a solid case for both.  Meghan M. Biro tells us the benefits of both tangible rewards and simple recognition, and under which circumstances each is appropriate. 
  • Friday Five: Year-End Bonuses (Blogging4Jobs)
    The year-end bonus. Some companies do them, some don’t, and no matter what, they tend to be surrounded by controversy (we’re looking at you, Wall Street). Using five real-life examples, Megan Purdy discusses the potential HR pitfalls resulting from bonuses.

    If you decide to skip the bonuses this year, check out some end-of-year reward alternatives with these 101 gift ideas for your coworkers, managers, and team members!
  • Holiday TV Specials, Ranked (Steve Boese)
    As HR professionals, we preach work-life balance, but often don’t practice it. This can be especially true around the holiday season. So give yourself a break. Kick up your feet, grab a glass of eggnog, and enjoy HR tech guru Steve Boese’s list of his top ten holiday TV specials. You’ve earned it.

For some more festive fun, check out our holiday leadership quiz to see which North Pole character shares your leadership style!



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Category: HR Weekly Roundup

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