Using Technology to Maximize Efficiency: An Early Adopter Weighs In

September 1, 2016

Editor’s Note: In this post, Zenefits customer Irena Vaksman of Vaksman Dental Group (located in San Francisco and South San Francisco) explains why being an early technology adopter can help make your practice more efficient. Dive in to learn more of her story.

I founded Vaksman Dental Group after more than a decade of diverse clinical experience. Working in multiple states and multiple practice types — from solo dentist offices to large corporate dentistry, I learned from the bad and incorporated the good into my group practice. Being in the San Francisco Bay Area exposed us to a lot of competition, which drove us to stay on top of new techniques and modern technology.

A few years ago, I was featured in TechCrunch for our use of social media, and became known as the “Social Dentist.” We were an early adopter in the industry, and that was a fortunate boost to our new business. Vaksman Dental Group is much like any small business, and needs to leverage technology and whatever tools we can to help us stay ahead. Here are some best practices that have worked for us.

Embrace new technology as a priority for your business.

As a small business, we use whatever tools we have at our disposal, whether it’s to reach new customers or help us manage the office. Luckily, my husband is a dental attorney and assists dentists with various corporate and employment matters, including compliance issues. However, rather than using resources from either of our offices, we recently switched to managing HR through Zenefits, an online system that automates time-consuming tasks like onboarding employees, payroll, and administering benefits. All that can be painful not just with typical hiring, but especially with turnover in staff, which is an issue for the dental industry. With that turnover comes a lot of onboarding and off-boarding. Zenefits has made that much less painful for us.

Find solutions that let you focus on the real work.

From the minute you’re onboarding a new employee, you’ve got numerous documents and compliance requirements. Zenefits simplifies the whole process, from the W4 and I9 forms to contracts and offer letters. It also integrates with our payroll provider and, in-turn, with our time-clocking system. Zenefits also tracks our employee PTO, and administers our medical benefits. As such, we’ve automated most of our HR. What used to take hours, now takes minutes.

Zenefits recently came out with a mobile app and our employees have provided good feedback on that. It allows them to access their own benefits information, request time off, find coworker contact information and more. It has very useful functionality like the ability to view our company directory, see benefits coverage, request time off and more. In my experience, other services don’t even come close.

Zenefits for Mobile Overview

It’s easier than you think.

When I first tried Zenefits, I was immediately taken by the ease of it. Like any great services application, the goal is to increase operational efficiencies, and to do so with as little friction as possible. In other words, I want the application to actually solve problems for us, without creating new headaches. Zenefits delivered in spades.

Whether it is using a back-office system like Zenefits or more customer-facing applications like Twitter and Facebook, there are a lot of amazing tools available to small businesses today for free or very low cost. Not only can they help you stand out from the competition, but they can also give back valuable time that can be refocused on running and growing your business.

Dr. Vaksman is a San Francisco Dentist and South San Francisco Dentist, with offices in both locations.


Dr. Irena Vaksman is a San Francisco Bay Area general and cosmetic dentist.

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