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February 7, 2017

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Zenefits HR One

It’s been a great week.

We had an amazing HR One event in New York City on Tuesday, January 31st, where we unveiled our latest innovations to help make entrepreneurship easier for our customers.

Similar to Z2, HR One was accomplished thanks to the vision and hard work of our employees. It’s not always easy bringing an idea to life, but that’s what we did with the the Compliance Assistant and Documents Apps, two of our newest products aimed at making small business operations more efficient and effortless.

We also introduced 10 new partner integrations – including Box, Lyft and two 401K partners: Principal and PAi. We launched new mobile features and announced an expansion of Zenefits Payroll availability in five additional states starting March 1st: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado and Arizona.

It was an eventful day and the feedback we’ve received has been amazing. Check out some of our highlights from the day.

Customer Panel

During our HR One Event, we were joined on stage with Seth Brown, CFO of SPEAR Physical Therapy, Erika McGrath, VP of Human Resources of the Channel Company, and Josh Elstein, Asset Manager of ASH.

Customer Panel: SPEAR Physical Therapy, ASH NYC and The Channel Company

We always love hearing from our customers, because ultimately, our product is meaningless without them:

“Since joining Zenefits two years ago, we have become more efficient in terms of onboarding and other HR functions and actually have the ability to place the focus on onboarding a new employee into their role and the business vs. spending unnecessary time on HR paperwork and processes.  It also allows me to place more focus on the strategic aspects of my role vs. tactical work such as paperwork and data entry.  Not to mention we have seen savings in our HR budget since using Zenefits.”

-Erika McGrath, VP of Human Resources of the Channel Company

Analysts Commentary

No one likes to be judged, but similar to how we love hearing from customers, we also love hearing from analysts. So, we invited analysts to our HR ONE event to explore our newest products and share their thoughts – the good and the bad. Here’s what a few of them had to say:  

“The launch of HROne from Zenefits represents a major milestone in the HCM apps market, reinforcing the HR continuum that many customers are aiming to achieve in order to help their companies become more competitive and HR compliance processes more efficient.”

  • Albert Pang, President at Apps Run The World

“Rebranding is always a tricky business, as it can become a variation on the Streisand Effect and draw more attention to the previous brand associations. However, in this case I think drawing attention the product and previous iterations will have a net positive effect due to quelling rumours about the financial position of Zenefits (solid) and helping to shed light on the long-term outlook of the organization, which has a clear roadmap for growth.”

  • Cliff Stevenson, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group

“There is nothing that small businesses dread more than getting caught-up in the complexity of compliance, payroll, and privacy issues, as it takes focus away from their real challenge – to grow and run their business. Vendors who extend capabilities from a compliance, payroll coverage and privacy perspective (e.g. for employee document management) are hitting the mark for business owners.”

  • Holger Mueller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research

Our Partners & Carrier Sponsors

We also had big partner support behind our HR One launch, and couldn’t have held such an amazing event without them. So, to our partners and carrier sponsors – thank you for your support!  


Raised by small business owners in Long Beach, California, Sarah loves creating meaningful content that truly helps people run their businesses successfully and efficiently. In addition to being a Content Marketing Manager at Zenefits, Sarah is a coffee addict, baked-good lover, and a LA Clippers fan.

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