The Daily Rundown: Your Employees Don’t Care About the Company Picnic

June 12, 2019

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Today, employees don’t really care about the company picnic, California seeks to codify the ABC test, and malware is all over the small business world.

Employees Want Fridays Off. Employers Want Picnics.

Among the top summer perks employees want: flexible scheduling and to leave early on Fridays. Employers are not far off, with many offering flexible scheduling. But a lot of managers also noted their summer picnics as a perk — a perk employees don’t show much enthusiasm over.

The Number: 10%. While 48% of senior managers noted their summer picnics as a perk, only 10% said these picnics would make them happy.

The Quote: “Recruitment and retention start with knowing what employees want.”

California Legislation Seeks to Make ABC Test Official

The California House of Representatives passed a bill that would make the conditions for establishing a worker as an independent contractor set by the state’s Supreme Court official. The so-called “ABC test” the California Supreme Court cited creates strict guidelines for distinguishing between independent contractors and employees.

The Number: 6 million. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 6 million contingent workers in the US..

The Quote:What stands out is the application of the traditional FLSA economic realities test to the so-called gig economy or sharing economy.

Malware a Big Problem for Small Business

Malware infections are a bigger problem for small businesses than many realize. According to one report, 45% of data breaches tracked between Nov. 1, 2017 and Oct. 31, 2018 occurred among small businesses.

The Number: 150,757. An estimated 150,757 small business websites are infected with malware.The Quote:I’d say 75 to 80 percent of our bookings are done online, so when our site is down, we’re just dead in the water.


Jesse Noyes is Head of Content for Zenefits. He started out as a business reporter before beginning a career in marketing. Jesse is naturally curious not only about the work people do, but why they do it. His first job was building freestanding stone walls in his home state of Maine.

Category: The Daily Rundown

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