Zenefits Customer Community: We Want to Help You Build Your Personal Brand!

August 18, 2017

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If you’re a Zenefits customer who has blogged about HR or business-related topics, or if you’re interested in taking a stab at authoring your first article and building your personal brand, we’re here to help. Some great customers have shared their stories, and we’re always thrilled to see the response as readers learn more about the amazing work our clients do on a daily basis.  

Fortunately, partnering with Zenefits to promote personal brands is easy. Here are some customer articles to give you a better idea of what we have in mind:

Ready to contribute? Follow these steps to get the ball rolling:

Step #1: Reach out to Zenefits at community@zenefits.com to start a conversation. We’re here to help!

Step #2: To get you started, we’ll send you some questions that you can answer in a Q&A format. Then you can use that as a starting point to author your own article, or we’re happy to help you craft an article out of your answers.

Step #3: Take photos to illustrate your article! We suggest shots that capture your employee culture and any action shots related to your topic (e.g., company activity for a culture-related article).

Need help on topics? Check out some of these trend worthy ideas:  

  • Managing company growth
  • Power of culture
  • Digital tools you can’t live without
  • Tips to improve employee engagement & productivity
  • Mobile & its impact on your business
  • Offering great employee benefits

Step #4: Once your blog has been published, promote it on in LinkedIn Pulse to maximize visibility. If you’re a Zenefits admin, reach out to our Community Manager, Kim Saloner (ksaloner@zenefits.com), for steps on how to post in the “Learn From the Experts” board of our online community, the ZCC.

Step #5: Tweet out the link to your article, and be sure to tag @Zenefits so that we can share it on our social channels. Post your article in your LinkedIn, and share on your social channels such as Facebook!

Does this sound interesting to you? Reach out to community@zenefits.com with the topic you’re interested in to get started!


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Category: Zenefits

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