Zenefits Earns >99.9% Compliance Rate After Follow-Up Licensing Audit

May 19, 2017

Category: Compliance, Zenefits

compliance - Licensing+ app

A little over a year ago, Zenefits self-reported licensing violations to 51 states. Immediately following the discovery, we designed and implemented sophisticated licensing software controls to prevent unlicensed transactions. We had so much success with the technology that we decided to create Licensing+, a free application for any company or individual with licensing compliance needs. We launched the application at Dreamforce, Salesforce.com’s annual customer conference in October 2016.

We recently conducted a comprehensive internal licensing audit, testing over 20,000 insurance transactions across the business and we’re proud to report that our compliance rate was in excess of 99.9%. The internal audit was conducted using the similar rigorous review criteria used by large accounting firms.

Health Net, a provider of health insurance for individuals, families, small businesses, large groups, and Medicare Advantage recipients, uses the Licensing+ app for their licensing compliance needs. Bill Shepard, Regional Vice President of Sales at Health Net, says “Licensing+ will save tremendous time by eliminating the manual, administrative process of managing agents’ state licenses and also help ensure data accuracy. It’s almost too good to be true.”

This is a testament to the diligence and continued focus from every Zenefits employee and the new values that we live every day. This is just one of many stellar internal audits to come as we continue to drive our commitment to operating with integrity.

Learn more about our free, licensing compliance app here: Licensing+.


Niji is the Senior Director of Broker Services Compliance at Zenefits. He manages the broker services compliance program, including all things licensure related. He is also the product manager for Licensing+, a free licensing compliance app built by Zenefits and released industry-wide to reduce the burdens associated with tracking and enforcing producer licensing.

Category: Compliance, Zenefits

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